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Your BFG
For the New Year I’m coming up with a BFG.

B ig  F un  G oal.

And I want to encourage you to do the same!

A BFG could be anything you want to experience or accomplish in 2020.

It should be a BIG goal because it’s important to dream and think big. 

And it should also be FUN in that you have fun going after it and enjoy the process of trying to make it happen.

I have found that we too often get so serious about our goals that we don’t have fun pursuing them.

But this year can be different. 

Whether your BFG is to get a promotion, climb Mount Everest, write a book, visit Europe, move to America, learn to play the guitar, start a new business, win a championship, go on a mission trip to Haiti, start a charity, win a big account, learn to paint with water colors, or something else, you can have FUN while you make your BIG goal come alive! 

So over the next few weeks think about the possibilities for your BFG.

Ask your team (work team and family team) to do the same. For example, I’ve asked my wife and kids to think about their BFG and we started to brainstorm ideas.

Once you identify your BFG for 2020 please share it with me on  Twitter , Instagram  or  Facebook . I'd love to hear from you. If you are visual you may also want to choose a picture that helps you remember your BFG.

As the New Year begins decide to pursue your BFG with all the energy, passion and FUN you can muster. 


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