Positive plan changes
To: ONE-T CAEAS-ECAB Plan Members

It is the duty of the ONE-T Trustees to put members first, which includes continuously monitoring your benefits plan to ensure it remains affordable and sustainable. Over the past two years the Trust has conducted a number of surveys to help better understand your benefits needs. Time has also been spent on cost and benefits benchmarking to gain knowledge about similar plans, the benefits and coverage levels they provide, as well as the costs to operate them.

The Trust is always looking to improve your benefits when financially viable and aligned with provincial agreements. Your survey feedback has been reviewed, projected financials have been assessed, and discussions with CAEAS-ECAB representatives have taken place. Now here’s some exciting news…

The most recent plan valuation, when combined with recent funding increases from the Crown for 2021-22 and 2022-23, allows the Trust to fund additional coverage.

Starting June 1, 2022 for some benefit improvements and subsequently on September 1, 2022 for others, several plan changes will come into effect:
Remember, your Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) is a valuable benefit that provides additional flexibility when managing your unique health care needs. The increase to your HCSA credit allocation allows you to add more coverage for eligible health-related expenses – for you and your dependents – wherever you need it most.

To stay informed and actively involved in your benefits, please read all communications that come your way. If you have further questions, the ONE-T website also features a wide range of plan resources – and you can always reach out to ONE-T or the plan service providers listed below:
For claims-related inquiries: Contact Canada Life (our insurer)
1-866-800-8086 or GroupNet for Plan Members

For eligibility and enrollment inquiries: Contact Cowan (our administrator)
1-888-330-4010 or one-t@cowangroup.ca
For general questions about the Plan or Trust: info@one-t.ca
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