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January 8, 2013

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Be Refreshed with Dawn Herring
My Blog Post: Rewind of 2012: My Life Dimensions
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Be Refreshed with Dawn Herring 

Refresh Your Work

When you're faced with a difficult task or decision, what strategy do you use to work through it? Sometimes it can help by looking at the positive purpose of your task in the short term as well as the long term. With a balanced view you can feel confident with any sized task or decision and get a fresh perspective at the same time. 


Refresh Your Home

 Before going about your day, recognize your main purpose--what you want to accomplish. Then note anything about your living space that either creates resistance or makes the fulfillment of your purpose more difficult. Then determine one small change you can make right away that will make your day easier to work through. Then relax and enjoy.

For Your Journal 
Journaling Tip: 

Re-purpose those whirling, stressful thoughts for a positive start to your day!




Q: Does recording your stressful thoughts calm you down and help you gain a more positive focus?


I find my journaling practice comforting, whether I'm detailing a frustration or trying to figure out a solution to a problem. I feel empowered knowing there is always something I can do to make the situation better; my journal helps me find the answer.
You're welcome to reply to the weekly journaling question; I may share it in a future edition of Refresh Journal.
My blog post:
A Rewind of 2012: My Life Dimensions
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Sometimes when we feel like we don't have time to spend on artistic pursuits, we need to look at what we are doing that either is a time suck or something we don't really benefit from doing. 

It's hard to let go of things especially when we're simply used to doing them. 

But if they are crowding out time we could be expressing ourselves artistically, they become a source of resistance. 

Take a good look at what you do each day and determine what ONE thing you can let go of to make at least a small stretch of time for your art. 

It's a step you won't regret. 
 "If you are doing something you love with people you love in a place you love, you're going to create something of value to the world." 

Special Thanks to:
My good friend, author and artist, Quinn McDonald 
for her kind and encouraging words:
"You are my hero for real focus and constant good research!"

Welcome to Refresh Journal: for a fresh perspective in all of life's dimensions! 
Did you ever notice that you have a running tape inside of your head that never shuts up? Did you ever wonder what you can do with that running tape inside your head that never shuts up?

Well, you could try to ignore it, act like it's not there. But that doesn't usually work, especially when those thoughts are not positive, validating and refreshing ones. 

Yes, it's sorta rare when you find really great thoughts swirling around in your head just naturally. 

I think one of the best remedies to dealing with those mostly negative, aggravating and irritating thoughts is to put a fresh twist on them. 

When we choose to use the refuse for a positive purpose, we can gain a whole new perspective on where those thoughts are coming from. 

Perhaps you'll recognize the overtly loud critic's voice rambling on and on about nonsense; you know the kind, "Why didn't you get that done today? What kind of a job was That???" Etc... 

Or maybe an old fear is rising up that you thought you got rid of a long time ago, but there it is again, reminding you of what you did wrong and what will you do about that problem now that you really messed things up this time? 

When we begin to see clearly where these obnoxious thoughts are coming from and how unfounded they often are, we can re-purpose those very irritants to actually create positive energy in our lives! 

Recognize how you can take that fear and turn it into something fearless and fabulous, empowering yourself in the process. That will take the whole darn energy problem and transform it to your perfect purposes. 

And that's critic's voice? Try writing it down and then laughing hysterically at the stupidity of it all and do something that validates the very thing it is criticizing you for. 
We can be positively purposeful with the thoughts that we think might just be mush or nonsense and actually make meaning from them. 
We touched on the many different ways we can turn negative thoughts into positive ones during our first 2013 session of #JournalChat Live this past week with our topic, Your Journaling: Your Thoughts Re-Purposed! Highlights are below with Rachel Thomasian as our guest. 
Also included are refreshing tips for your work and your home and a fab song pick by The Police titled, "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic." 
So next time you find yourself agitated and aggravated by those whirling, negative thoughts in your head, determine to make something positively purposeful from them. 
Not only will they be properly put in their place (Ha!), but your fresh perspective will help you get off to a positive start to your day (and to your Year for that matter.) 
Thanks for making Refresh Journal a positively purposeful part of your day.

Be refreshed,
Dawn Herring
JournalWriter Freelance
Host of #JournalChat Live and #JournalChat Links edition

#JournalChat Pick of the Day for week ending 1/4/13:   


Monday's Pick: Rev 2012: Ten Journaling Questions to Help You Reflect on the Past Year by Rosetta Thurman


Tuesday's Pick: #JournalChat Links Edition on Holiday


Wednesday's Pick: Awakened Consciousness by Dr. Michael Pearlman


Thursday's Pick: Your Journaling: Your Thoughts Re-Purposed! #JournalChat Live Transcript


**Friday's Pick: Preview 2013: Ten Journaling Questions to Help You Envision Your Ideal Life Next Year by Rosetta Thurman


**This link has been chosen for Pick of the Week; please read about this week's #JournalChat Live topic in the box below.   

JournalChat Pick of the Week:  
What do you hope for in 2013? Do you know what your dreams, goals, and purposes are that you want to aim for? Do you know what you want less of?
Rosetta shares several questions for us to ponder and journal about for this New Year and with what we'd like to see happen. It's often wise to consider these things on the page as we determine what steps or strategies we can use to implement change in our lives to make this our Best Year Ever!
We will discuss why it's important to keep our vision in mind as we journal the various dimensions of our lives to determine and create intention for a fabulous year of fulfillment and purpose. Our topic will be Your Journaling: A Vital Vision. 
You're welcome to read this post prior to the Live chat on Thursday, and perhaps write an entry about your vision for the coming year. You're welcome to share any discoveries you've made during our chat. 
So join us on Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 5 p.m. EST (2 p.m. PST) for #JournalChat Live on Twitter. Be sure to use the #JournalChat hashtag in your tweet! 
Highlights from #JournalChat Live
Our topic for #JournalChat Live this first 2013 session this past week was Your Journaling: Your Thoughts Re-Purposed! as we discussed how we can use our journal to calm our thoughts and re-purpose them for a positive day. Highlights are below.


Here are insights from our guest, Rachel Thomasian:
I've found that journaling helps slow down racing thoughts because we write slower than we think; it forces your mind to slow down. It's also similar to talking to a friend or therapist; it's so good just to get emotions out so you're not holding them in. Journaling is helpful for those who struggle with anxiety, depression, anger. Journals provide a place for these feelings. Another tip is to journal when they're upset; when finished, they're likely to be less upset; provides time to cool down. Especially at night, when worry keeps us up. If you journal, the journal then becomes a keeper of that worry-producing thought. One reason worry keeps us up at night is the fear that we'll forget that we need to deal with the problem. I, too, like journaling before bed to sum up the day and calm my mind. I always like revisiting posts and adding to them and seeing how my perspective has changed over time. 


 Here's my point of view and insight:

I think that slowing down our thoughts and putting them on the page is an empowering practice; we're in control. I'm a huge advocate of evening Journaling; it helps me relax before bed, unload what's on my mind. Gratitude in our journal can help us turn those troubling thoughts around toward something that makes us smile. I find when I journal something that I am struggling with, I gain a fresh perspective and see what positive change I can make. It helps to recognize what we can let go of as we re-purpose our thoughts toward the positive and make room for the new. 


From Robyn McIntyre:

I sometimes have trouble identifying my emotions. Journaling help me identify them. Re-reading your journal can also help you see how you've dealt with and learned from failures. 


From Victoria Musgrave:

I find Journaling a useful place to explore different solutions to problems. I've just started re-reading my journal from the last year. Interesting to see what I have achieved and my patterns. I never used to read my journal after I wrote it but think that reading and finding my patterns will be good for growth. Sometimes I add photos and other momentos to my journal; nice to look back on later.


From Karen Fisher-Alaniz: 

I keep a notebook by my bed. If a thought keeps me up, I jot it down in the dark. I may or may not be able to read it in the a.m. This year, for goals, I am taking one thing away for everything I add. It's been an interesting process. I like it. I've been wanting to start a journal like the kind I kept when I was a kid with scribble and pasted leaves and ticket stubs.


 From Juliet Platt:

I used third person once to get me through a very difficult and distracting patch--completely shifted my point of view and cured me. My journal is definitely not perfect. It's full of mess and goo-but sometimes turns up some real pearls. Sometimes however it comes out exactly how it needs to come out. Sometimes mistakes have led me to the truth! 


And to Summarize: 

Whether with music, image, typing, hand written, or prompts, journaling is a great way to transform our thinking for well being. 


Re-purpose your thought for the positive with your next journal entry!


Check out the transcript for #JournalChat Live on 1/3/13. Special Thanks to Rachel Thomasian for her fabulous post, Journaling, which was our journaling resource for this week's live chat.
Join us on 1/10/13 at 5 EST/2 PST for our next session of JournalChat Live. Topic is in the section for Pick of the Week. 
Sometimes that positive purpose is downright magical.
The Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
The Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

As you transform the positive from the negative this week, help a friend do the same. Brainstorm ways to bring positivity into your life every day and then celebrate your successes. 
Purpose to be positive--together!
Be refreshed, 
Dawn Herring
Host of #JournalChat Live and #JournalChat Links Edition on Twitter
Author of The Birthday Wall: Create a Collage to Celebrate Your Child