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Possibility for payment deferral of Dutch taxes
Dear Sir / Madam,
We would like to inform you that many companies are confronted with a sudden decrease of turnover and profit as a result of the current corona crises, while expenses continue. Therefore it is important to manage your liquidity position and in this respect we explain below the current introduced possibility to obtain tax payment deferral approval from the Dutch tax authorities.
We could request such deferral on your behalf for the following type of Dutch taxes:
• Personal Income Tax;
• Corporate Income Tax;
• Wage Tax, and;
• Value Added Tax.
Below we further explain how to make use of this possibility whereby we first explain the difference in obtaining a tax payment deferral for mentioned taxes. 
Personal and Corporate Income Tax (payment after receiving the assessment):
The filing of a tax payment deferral request would only possible after receiving a tax assessment which states the amount of the tax due. Such assessment would be received shortly after the filing a Personal Income Tax or Corporate Income Tax return. The assessment mentions the ultimate payment date. Below you will find the information we would need to file a tax payment deferral request for a period of 4 weeks and a subsequent extension of this period, if required.
Wage and Value Added Tax (payment upon filing of a tax return):
Wage Tax and Value Added Tax are due upon the filing of the return whereby the ultimate payment date of these taxes due is equal to the ultimate filing deadline of the tax return.
In case you would not be able to pay this tax due as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, you just do not pay the tax due upon the filing of the Wage Tax or Value Added Tax return. Subsequently, the Dutch tax authorities shall automatically impose an additional assessment, which you do not pay either. We then need a copy of this latter assessment from you in order to submit a payment deferral request on your behalf in relation to the tax due. Below we further explain this.
For the sake of completeness, we note that with effect from March 23, 2020, the interest rate will be decreased to 0.01% (instead of the previous interest rates varying between 4% and 8%). Consequently, the deferral request will result in a relatively minor amount of additional interest on overdue tax.
Required information for standard 4 weeks payment deferral approval
In order to be able to apply for the first 4 weeks payment deferral approval on your behalf, we would need from you the following information.
1. A copy of the assessment (s) for which the 4 weeks payment deferral request should be
applied for, and
2. A brief motivation how the coronavirus outbreak caused for you liquidity problems (such
as a decrease in turnover, bad payment of trade debts, etc.).
We kindly request you to collect the above information and forward this information for all taxes involved in one e-mail to us. Subsequently, we can apply for you the additional payment deferral approval for all taxes.
You could send an e-mail with this information to the following e-mail address:
After we have submitted the request, you should immediately be entitled to a payment deferral approval for a period of 4 weeks.
Third-party expert statement for additional payment deferral
In order to extend the above 4 weeks payment deferral period, a third-party expert statement should be submitted to the Dutch tax authorities substantiating an additional deferral request. Such statement needs to be forwarded to the tax authorities within 4 weeks after the initial payment deferral request.
After submitting the first payment deferral request, your relationship manager / accountant of Daamen & van Sluis will contact you to determine if further deferral is needed and if so, if we would be able provide such an expert statement in your situation.
If further details are announced on the above tax payment deferral measure, we will inform you further.

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