Thanking the Staff
As things begin to return to normal we had an opportunity to bless the staff with a bonus. Their sacrifice made it possible to keep the children safe. It was not easy for them, they missed their families, but this did not stop them from working hard and coming up with creative ideas to keep the children happy.
We have been given an award in recognition of our generosity. We are so thankful to all of you who made it possible to recognize and honor the staff for all they did.
Children's Day
On June 1st everyone was able to celebrate Children’s day. It was a time to remember that each child is important and to celebrate them. All the children in the “Little Deer project enjoyed participating in the festivities.
Formula Project
The formula project continues and we are able to ensure that high-risk babies are able to receive the nutrition that is so important for them to have a chance of survival.

We had a new baby join the program- welcome Liyi. We are thankful for this opportunity to give you a good start in life that will benefit you years to come.
Welcome Logan
We are so happy that Logan has joined the "Savannah" project. He is already settling in well and we are excited for his future.
ND Vietnam
Vietnam Surgery Project
Three years ago last month we made our first visits to the homes of poor families in the Mekong Delta with children in need of medical intervention. 

We’ve now accepted 58 children into our program from multiple provinces in Vietnam, most born with congenital heart disease. In addition to covering the hospital expense, our staff gives practical support to the children and families throughout the process of medical evaluation, surgery, and post-op checkups. 

Awaiting Surgery
This year (2020) started slower than expected due to the coronavirus. Now that Vietnam is starting to open back up, we are expecting a busy summer ahead as the children and families are able to travel again.

This is Duong who has finally gained enough weight to have heart surgery. This will be a scary time for the family since they lost their son 4 years ago post heart surgery.
COVID-19 Relief
As in other parts of the world, the livelihoods of the poor in Vietnam have been the most affected during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Last week, we brought financial assistance and food items to seven of our families living on the southeast coast of Vietnam. We hope to expand this program to families in need in other locations over the coming months.
Student Scholarships
The student scholarship program continues to go well. They are so thankful for the opportunity to study and better their lives.

Thank you everyone who makes this possible.
Looking ahead, we continue to dream of having a “guest house” near the hospitals for the children and caregivers to stay when coming to the city for medical care. A child’s surgery is often a very trying time, and this will give us more opportunity to help and bless these families.