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Country Hair Studio started in 1966 originally as Erla Mae Balmer's Beauty Shop. The first salon was located in our parents farm house outside of Reinholds.

In 1976 Erla built her first home on a country road surrounded by farm land, and it included a 2 operator salon, we called it Country Hair Studio. I graduated from cosmetology school in May of 1976 and immediately joined her in the business.

A few years later we expanded the salon to include 4 stylists. At that time, tanning salons were popping up in the cities and Erla thought we should incorporate a tanning bed within the salon. The tanning business grew so quickly we decided to open Sunset Tanning Salon on Main Street in Denver with 2 tanning beds and shortly after 3 tanning beds. Within the first year of that adventure in 1986 we decided to open a second salon in the tanning salon, we called it Country Hair Studio II.

As the beauty business grew, we remodeled a few times to keep up with the growth - eventually running out of room. Since the salons were only a few miles apart and Main St was a better location, we closed the Reinholds salon and moved everything to 1 location in Denver. We have now been in that location for 35 years making our total years in business 55 years. I believe our longevity and success is based on honesty with our staff and clients and developing their trust in our ability and knowledge of the business of beauty. Also we have always prided ourselves keeping up to date with advanced education and always using the best products and tools available to the industry. Thank you for your continued trust in us! We appreciate it!

Bev and the Country Hair Studio design team!



Happy 14 year anniversary

to Melissa.

Thank you for all you do!!

Bev and the Team

What some of our massage clients have to say!

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I've had a massage with Deb once per week for many years. If I have an area which is sore, Deb spends more time on that area. She can feel what needs to be worked on. The massage is not routine. It always feels different each time. A massage, for me, is a healthy preventive necessity.

Eileen E.

Very relaxing experience. Always takes care of problem aches. Decor with music adds to the relaxation.

Bev H.



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