Post Conference Bumper Edition [ June 2020  Edition ]

Dear Beloved,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our bumper edition of the June Newsletter 2020. We serve a mighty God who just showed us all, at the just concluded Kingdom Expansion conference 2020, held 3 - 6 June, that He is bigger than we ever imagined. A conference that was initially being planned for four Nigerian cities was expanded to be seen in over 40 nations and in every state in Nigeria. We have shared some statistics below to show this.

The event was held online, but with provision of viewing centres for people who desired to watch with others, and thereby save on their data. They however had to do this following government guidelines for spacing. Much as it was online, testimonies and interviews were happening in real time.

It was such a celebration of the love and power of God Almighty. There was such an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and so many testimonies are still coming in from those who were healed.

Our Guest Writer, Dr Gubby Ayida has sent in a report. Enjoy reading it.

It practically transports you back in time.....!!

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Kingdom Expansion Conference 2020

Welcome to the Kingdom Expansion 2020 International speakers, Welcome to Kingdom Expansion 2020 personal prophesy, Welcome to Kingdom Expansion 2020 Worship, Welcome to Kingdom Expansion 2020 healing rooms, Welcome to Kingdom Expansion Prayers. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to Lapis Lazuli's Kingdom Expansion Conference 2020-a Virtual and Physical platform for the King of Glory to come and land, and land He did in Style, Shock and Awe.

Let's rewind, Man's plan 4 weeks to go-Conference in 4 cities-Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna and Jos. Man's plan a master schedule- which speakers in which city, how to move speakers, by road, by air, by train, different speakers over the week in different cities.  Backdrop-international airport closed, places of worship closed, no gatherings, no interstate travel, lock down, yet word from the Lord was continue with man's plans.  So, the teams were meeting protocol, accommodation, catering, prayer room team, healing team, transportation, registration, media.......


So dear friends, one just knew it was going to be awesome! Let me give you snap shots, brief glimpses and tasters of what the 4 days at the Lord's banquet (I mean conference) was like.


Imagine the setting-

Gold command centre and technology epicentre was out of Lapis Lazuli's new Ministry offices which when acquired and furnished just before lockdown seemed rather unusual timing. Afterall there was a conference in 4 cities to prepare for!!!-The Lord had gone ahead with His plan.

Day 1

YouTube on my TV screen, notebook and pen in hand -I was ready-Nathaniel Bassey singing "Jehovah is your name" I knew in that moment in my TV room (with such a strong sense of presence) that this indeed was going to be a special conference.

Opening with Leif Hetland, Oh boy-three chairs message familiar yet felt so different-how to live in chair number one especially in these times.  How to be a thermostat (set the atmosphere)and not a thermometer (react to atmosphere/temperature).  Just such a beautiful kingdom message.  Full of truths-Watch Leif on Lapis Lazuli Ministries YouTube.

Donna Leppitt talked to us about Kingdom expansion in our hearts, how to press in so we encounter Him -How prophetic was her message for what was going to happen over the 4 days -Encounter we did.

Next new face on the Lapis speaking circuit David Wagner-What a gentle giant, He talked about Peace of God releasing the power of GOD.  He demonstrated this so well. David made you think that you used Man of God too liberally because truly here was a Man of God. Some David heavenly nuggets: - 

"Current storm is to activate new level of anointing"

"Opposition of the enemy is an opportunity"

"What you agree with you align with"

"Gates of hell stationary but Kingdom always advancing"


Come on David!!!


Day 2

I better be more succinct, or you could be reading this for a long time.

Olumide Iyun worship was one of my highlights. I can only describe this as heavenly powerful worship. What is it with conference worship? My tv room was filled with presence, but not just me in case you think I am susceptible (which I am), others reported this phenomenon during his ministrations. Go watch on utube and see what I mean.

The Bajomos were teaching, speaking and ministering. Femi and Mina were both decked in purple colour of royalty and no surprise they were representing their Father the King.
How well they taught on healing and words of knowledge, then just simply got on with healing-just check out the many, many, testimonies that have come out of the two sessions on healing.

"As you Go, heal the sick" Mina taught. Simple really en route to work, to the market wherever -She shared a powerful picture the Lord had shown her of flip flops (rubber slippers) on the sole of one was love and on the other power written out. Love is the foundation of healing! So, I suggest we all go get ourselves some rubber slippers-As we Go.......!

I did say the Bajomos ministered and to introduce the multigenerational element -Bisi and Tundun Bajomo led post lunch worship as a fresh, unique, compilation of songs interwoven with aerial views of Nigeria. They were like an exquisitely delicious course in the middle of the banquet.

Day 3

I will devote to the twins who in fact spoke over the 4 days. I mix up the Arayomi twins' messages and who said what and when. Both very different messages but scarily similar in power and impact. This was like double portion for those of us listening. In fact, you have to just listen, note taking is for when you listen again because there was way too much to unpack first time round. Such wisdom but clearly Godly wisdom through revelation. Tomi and Tobi are both disrupters of mindsets and the way we have done religion and not relationship!

#If we get caught up in the superficial, we will miss the supernatural
#Racism is a principality
#Without God man cannot, without man God will not
#tongues of men are translated, the tongues of angels are interpreted.

Then Tomi introduces their spiritual mum. Sharon Stone. We got to hear from the twins' mentor-Wisdom and revelation with every utterance. I simply will do Tomi's interview with her injustice if I tried to summarise. I paraphrase her "There is a hovering of the holy spirit over chaos and unprecedent times we find ourselves in now just like at creation when there was chaos and darkness". We off course know in Genesis what happened next. Let there be..... Yes, you know what I am going to say -go watch Sharon and Tomi's interview on Youtube.

I do not know what she released that day but in our prophetic rooms that afternoon the team who were already awesome were lit up and absolutely on fire! Was it impartation, was it inspiration, was it like when you join a company of prophets you prophesy??

Oh dear, I am just scraping the cream and running out space. I am afraid I am going to do the conference a great injustice and miss out many impactful talks etc. I am going to assume in the newsletter somewhere you will have the statistics of the people who attended viewing online, at the physical hubs etc. You will also on the website have access to the testimonies, testimonies, testimonies......

Speaking of testimonies across the 4 days we had lunch time healing rooms and prayer rooms and teatime prophetic rooms where the amazing healing, prayer and prophetic teams simply agreed to partner with the Lord and showtime!!!! We just opened the rooms and allowed the King of Glory to come and display. Who was more in shock and awe, the people getting healed, prayed for, getting personal prophesy or the team doing the ministry? It was more infectious than any virus. Papa was in the house or should I say on zoom. There were encounters, there was immediate healing, guests were coming out of break out rooms with huge big grins on their faces and shiny faces. This was the most incredible thing that the Lord would use the lapis ministry team of trained volunteers so spectacularly!

Miscellaneous -

As I am running out of space, my structure is dismantling. Shout out to my dear Uncle and elder Evangelist Owojaiye, whose every day relatable examples and truisms make for compelling listening. "We are deputy Jesus" he stated- He talked about restoring discipleship as a mandate to the church. His take on fivefold Ministry was just so unique-"Carpenter cannot disciple a barber"- What am I talking about? go to You tube recording..........

Charity Cook, Tom Jones, Allun Leppitt, Andy Keighley, Claudio Killias. What am I going to do, what can I say, you only needed to read the chat during their talks to see the effect? We had people come into the healing rooms and whilst chatting with them would say, I was at work and just caught the talk before lunch and the presence of God was in my room...... We had physical hubs where the power of God came down on the group during the talks. We should not be surprised it is the same spirit upon all our speakers, as I said at the beginning Papa was in the house. This is reflected in testimonies which came from all involved because It was His conference and our minds, our hearts, were being expanded.

Day 4

It was only befitting that special appearance from Randy Clark was saved for the grand finale. Randy who heads up Global Awakening had faith in Mina and Femi and came to speak at the first ever Lapis conference over 6 years ago. What a journey the Ministry has been on since then. That is what Randy does he imparts and your life is never the same again, ask Leif Hetland, Heidi Baker, Mina and Femi Bajomo..........

Randy looking younger first spoke to us on a pre-recorded talk from another recent conference. I was undone and slumped in my chair by the time impartation came. I have heard him many times over the years, yet here I am out for the count and unable to move! As if that was not enough, we then have a live interview with him and Femi. Write your comments in the chat Femi instructs. What planet is he on? Who can write? Who can move? Emojis of fire were put up by some on the chat otherwise the vibrant chat was eerily quiet. Femi, who is clearly in mischievous mood, says -Randy why don't you pray for those viewing -Are you kidding me? What do you think has just happened? Well readers, we get Randy double portion- Dunamis power to close!!

God's plan ......The conference name was indeed a prophetic declaration-Kingdom Expansion. My prayer is I have done justice on paper to what happened in four incredible days, the fruit of which we are still seeing and will continue to see. What occurred was above and beyond anything that could have happened in a physical conference if there had not been Covid 19. He turned it for good, because we all got and still have an opportunity to sample and feast (and to continue to feast) at the expansive banquet the Lord laid down for us. Come eat and drink, He invited us-

This was truly His conference and new was new.

Gubby Ayida
June 2020

The Far-reaching Impact of the online Kingdom Expansion Conference 2020.

We have seen the Lord move powerfully across the lives of attendees and as the conference will live on, available through Youtube, our Facebook page and our website,(, we will continue to see lives transformed and changed through the work of Papa God through us all. 
With attendees registered from over 40 countries, including all 36 states in Nigeria, the reach of this conference far exceeded our expectations. We have received over 100 testimonies of the Lord's goodness over the course of the 4-day conference. We thought it was important to facilitate viewing centres - according to governmental COVID-19 guidelines. Donations in kind and cash also helped to make this a reality. These centres meant so much to those that could not afford the data necessary to stream a 4-day online conference.
We are delighted to be able to share with you some of the impact of this year's conference. We join all those who were healed, delivered, imparted into and blessed in giving Papa God all the glory due to His glorious Name.
Attached you will find the registration, streaming and social media statistics as well as pictures from some of the viewing centres.
God bless,
Femi and Mina Bajomo

May the Lord continue to uphold and preserve us all.

God's blessings,

Femi and Mina Bajomo

Breaking News!!!
Lapis Radio - Our Online Radio will be up and running from Wednesday, 1st  of July, 2020. So many were blessed and healed by the teachings and worship at the 2020 online Kingdom Expansion Conference. Please keep in touch for more details.

The KEC 2020 teachings and worship will be catalogued on our Youtube channel from Wednesday, 1st of July, 2020 for easy access for those who missed the conference.

Also, it will be available for those who would like to again be awakened to the love, healing and power of God by these teachings and worship. We advise you to visit the website.

Do send these links to your friends and family so that they get blessed too.

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1. We bless God for keeping us throughout the first half of this year inspite of the terrible challenges of the pandemic that we have all faced.

2. We thank God for the mighty success of the online Kingdom Expansion Conferences 2020 held from 3-6 June. Thanking God for the creative miracles, healings, signs and wonders.

3. We are grateful to God for the mighty impartation of spiritual gifts during the conference and all the Guest ministers, and worshippers poured into us all. Also we are thankful for all those who said prayers.

4. Thanking God for all the medical personnel who have worked so hard during the pandemic to save lives.

5. Praying for the safe release of Leah, and all other girls held in captivity. Praying the government intervenes to get them all released.

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