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Post Eclipse Insights
- Finding Your Way Forward -

by Selacia

Our eclipse season comes with key opportunities for breakthroughs and looking at our lives in new ways. These opportunities are not linear or automatic. They are quantum, accessed over time through our own consciousness, understanding, and effort. Symbolically, think in terms of a door that shows us the way forward. There could be a door in front of us, but if we don't see it or don't ask what it means, we can sabotage our own potential. Continue reading to better understand how this applies to you.


In previous historical times, we didn't have so many crises arising simultaneously and humanity wasn't threatened with extinction if it didn't change to live sustainably. We had no 24/7 instantaneous global communication and we were unaware of how interconnected life was across the planet. On a more personal level, relatively few people in the world grasped the idea of reincarnation and the concept that each generation's actions could have far-reaching effects for generations to come. If we had understood that - and cared about the future of our descendants and future selves - we would have made different choices.

Take this to a personal level. Each of us alive now is doing a difficult juggling act as we grow spiritually and do our best to simultaneously handle both daily life challenges and self-evolve. Because of our linear conditioning, we have a tendency to separate our daily life problems from our spiritual growth issues. In fact, there is no separation. It is all "us."

In Predictions 2020 I wrote about these dynamics:
"Life in most centuries was simpler. Most people had one role or job. Whatever class they were born into was their status for life. When I've done DNA sessions for people and we connect themes from past lives to understand the present, I've noticed that the person typically had one key love relationship, lived in one community much of their lives, and was struggling with one or two specific issues. There was no new technology to adapt to, little traveling, and family was the center of things. Fast forward to 2020 - what a difference now!"

Here are 3 reasons why even spiritually-aware people may miss symbolic doors of opportunity in these moments. Firstly, between Covid and what I've mentioned above, there's often a sense of burnout or overwhelm. This can be so pronounced that a person might not give themselves enough moments of reflection to do inner assessment and exploration. Secondly, being present is a developing skill, and many times people lack the presence needed in the moment to discern what the Universe is attempting to tell them. Thirdly, people sometimes don't question enough or ask the right questions.

On Facebook this week I wrote:
"The questions you ask can determine the trajectory of your life. Example: replace "What's wrong?" with "What am I learning here?" and you will receive helpful information to act upon."

Factor in these things as you consider doors of opportunity available to you in 2020. These doors are symbolic, yet they are real. They will be "there," yet in divine orchestration and timing over the coming months. Your ego-self will want to push finding them, to no avail. Your aware larger self is patient, persistent, and open to what shows up and when.

Go gently with yourself and others now. These are not easy times for anyone. Sometimes the people who seem to have it "easy" indeed are having a very hard time. Compassion is needed.

3 Things To Do Daily

Here are 3 things to do daily in support of your desire for spiritual growth and connecting with doors of opportunity.

FIRST is gratitude. When you daily think and feel gratitude, you raise your frequency and change what you manifest. The "what" could be your awareness of a door of opportunity, or a host of other things.

SECOND is letting go. This means daily letting go of petty things that won't matter 7 years from now. It means letting go of big things, too - things you wanted but didn't get, things you didn't want but DID get. When your letting go is sincere, the energy squandered by holding on is released. You are freed up!

THIRD is play. Yes, life now can be serious. However, without play, you are less able to connect with your natural creativity. It is that spark of creativity that helps you "see" doors in front of you. In the photo below - showing a door with a lightning bolt - is an example of the creative juice lightning brings. In astrology readings for my clients, I help them use the energy of their planet Uranus. That planet, often symbolized by lightning and sudden bursts of energy, is connected to our innate creative juices so fulfilling and necessary for living our best lives.

I look forward to your feedback on these themes and knowing how I can serve you in an expanded way in 2020. Feel free to contact me at my website.

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2 -Divine Changemakers Cosmic Self Practicum & 4-Week Course
3- Predictions 2020 - Your Timely Guide to This Rare Year
4-Private 1-1 Virtual Sessions with Selacia via Zoom, phone, WhatsApp, Skype
5-Staying Connected in 2020 - Social Media Pages to Follow
Eclipse Season Balancing Live & Recorded Global Meditation
Dear friends,

This weekend is our Eclipse Season Balancing meditation. The purpose is to have energetic assistance and a higher view of your opportunities catalyzed by the 3 eclipses. These are high-energy planetary events, especially in 2020. Their energy will continue to unfold over the coming months, potentially providing moments of great insight and inspiration that can lead to dramatic positive shifts in your life. Since awareness is the key, it's vital to become informed of these potentials and your role in manifesting them. In Saturday's meditation, you will have assistance with this and much more. If you haven't come to these monthly meditations in a while, don't miss this one.
New to our meditations or haven't yet registered for this next one? Click below for information and registration. I look forward to having you with us on July 11!

Love and blessings,
Saturday July 11 * Live & Recorded
Virtual Only: 6:30-8:30pm Pacific Time
Eclipse Season Balancing
Virtual Global Meditation

Selacia's live and recorded global meditation to reset your energies after 3 eclipses (June 5, June 20-21, July 5).

Our powerful eclipse season helped catalyze mega changes on both personal and planetary levels. Eclipses, like Selacia describes in " Predictions 2020," are like a wild card - the energies catalyzing big shifts and setting in motion significant new cycles of change.

Energies of an eclipse begin weeks ahead of the actual celestial event and continue for several weeks, or even months afterwards. Therefore, stay present to your personal transformation process now and in the aftermath of this eclipse cycle.

Attending will help you anchor positive shifts, and connect with essential insights about new and expanded ways you can express your life purpose.

During guided process with Selacia and The Council of 12, you will receive quantum healing and insights designed to catalyze new life directions and projects important to you as a soul. In this monthly meditation, you will have an opportunity to see yourself and your way forward through spirit's eyes.

In the global peace process, you and other participants from around the world will help generate healing and higher frequencies needed for a more loving world.

Join us for a powerful energizing and stabilizing that will help you create more of what you want and let go of blocks in your way.
Crystals (optional for registrants): if you have a favorite crystal you want to energetically include in our meditation (live or MP3), designate it in advance of guided process. Not necessary to hold the crystal, but you can if desired.  A quantum grid of healing will be created with the crystals, as part of the planetary healing.

Essential oils (optional for registrants): if you resonate with essential oils, it's recommended that you apply or diffuse therapeutic grade oils. These will raise your frequency and help you experience the healing energies on a deep level. Suggestions for this meditation: Sacred Mountain blend, Clarity, Lavender, Release, Believe, Ylang Ylang.

All registrants receive MP3.

Note: this is a virtual event - no on-site attendance until future notice.
No limit on global teleclass attendance - from anywhere in the world. On registration, receive bridge line number for your country.
More info below about Predictions 2020 and other offerings.
Selacia's Predictions 2020 eBook

Your Guide To This Rare Year Of Upheaval & Change
In this book, I describe both the happenstance, and energies of 2020 and what led to this rare year. For context I describe themes continuing this year and how to understand them with a long view.

When issues have been with us for a long time, our ego-self can become impatient and be tired of hearing about them. That unenlightened part of us looks at the current moment with disdain, unable to step back from things long enough to remember that change is a slow process over time. When we can connect with the long view, we know that our personal evolution and that of society involves a slow progression.

To better understand this, and for specific tools for transforming your life in 2020, I invite you to order and read my new book:  Predictions 2020.

Thanks to all of you who have purchased this 95-page book, read it, and either posted a review or emailed me one. Below is a comment from one reader.

Reviewed in the United States on May 27, 2020
"I absolutely loved the Predictions 2020 book by Selacia. She's so intuitive and provided much guidance and insight for how to navigate the surreal times of 2020. I do believe we are all meant to help elevate the planet with the love frequency over fear, and there are strong eclipses and transits that will help with this transformation on the globe. Her book has such useful information! I would recommend it to anyone!"
- Kim

In case you haven't yet ordered the book or want to review it, links are below. Thank you for being a part of my journey!
Divine Changemakers Courses
Cosmic Self Practicum - July 12-18
Your Cosmic Self & You - Virtual Course
Cosmic Self July 12-18 Practicum

Open to all who participated in the Cosmic Self course or register for it now.
Focus : receive energetic support and guided process with tools from the Cosmic Self course, assisting you with current-life situations and adapting to the massive amounts of change unfolding in 2020. 
During a live global group call with Selacia and The Council of 12, you are joined by other participants from around the world. Participants typically have significant breakthroughs and feel resourced to confidently take their next steps. Processes are healing, inspiring, and a source of comfort during chaos. Connecting with other divine changemakers across the world is a significant source of support as well. The Practicum MP3 can be worked with over time to help you address new issues as they arise.  
A big thank you to those already registered to be with us.     
Your Cosmic Self & You Virtual Course

This virtual course will help you understand your place in today's society and the cosmos. In particular during 2020, this course can be your lifeline to finding meaning, stability, and a deeper connection to spirit.

As part of that, this course can help you to further develop self-trust and discernment.

It will be your catalyst to take the leap into living as a cosmic being here on Earth!

In this course you will find practical application that helps you have inner peace and thrive - now during the 2020 upheaval - and beyond.

First offered live in 2019, this course is now virtual and can be taken from any location around the world. This unique course can be a key tool for your personal and spiritual growth in 2020 - helping you to develop mastery of living in quantum vs linear.

During 4-weeks of material and guided process - worked with at your own pace:
The Council of 12 and I will guide you, helping you grasp: your larger self that is eternal and cosmic, your purpose here now, how to navigate your relationships, and how to be a pivotal leader in our world's massive shift to love.

With this energetic support and priceless practical tools for self-evolution, you will begin to see yourself as the divine being you truly are - AND to step into a way of being reflecting of this larger self.
Register now to begin working with the practical life-changing tools in this course - at the same time having the prerequisite for course Practicums offered in 2020 - when you can participate with others across the world taking the Practicums at the same time as you.
Other Offerings by Selacia
Private Virtual Sessions With Selacia Via Zoom, Phone, WhatsApp, Skype
Most likely, last year you began sensing that this year would bring big changes in the world. You may have sensed, too, that you would be revamping your life in some way and discovering how to be more resourced so you could thrive during the ups-and-downs of societal changes

We're now in the moments you had intuited.

This indeed is the time to access and clear what has been blocking you, perhaps for years as you struggled to find yourself and your higher purpose. The year 2020, by its very nature, is a mega catalyst to break through blocks, known and unknown.

In private virtual sessions with Selacia, you will benefit from a deeper kind of work that fully supports you as you navigate the uncertainty and unknowns of 2020. This work is a process over time, allowing you to become more comfortable with yourself and grow your bond with spirit so that it's unbreakable and solid.

Private sessions give you a safe space to talk about your concerns and your personal issues coming up now. They help you to validate what you know to be true. They support your life revamping and new actions you will need to take to facilitate a new life structure more suited to the quantum being you truly are.

Virtual sessions can be by Zoom, phone, WhatsApp, or Skype.

The basic modality is DNA healing which addresses your present, conditioning, ancestral patterns, connections with loved ones on the other side, and soul journey involving past lives. Other modalities include astrology, pet sessions, crystal journey sessions. Private intensives are offered as advanced work for established regular clients. Note: private work with Selacia is a commitment you make to yourself and your evolution - it requires your active participation and dedication.

If this work calls to you, visit Selacia's website and order your DNA session now. As soon as you do this, you have set in motion a powerful and tangible healing alchemy that begins the process. Energetic support begins from that moment, preparing you for this deeper work with Selacia.
To get started, order a DNA session at the website and contact Selacia for details/scheduling.

Selacia's Books
"A deeply profound guide for readers on all levels of self-discovery and action. Selacia's sage writing reflects her deep understanding of the paradigm shift we are experiencing..." - Verified Purchase Amazon Review
All you need to read this book is the free Amazon Kindle App installed on any of your devices - once you order the book, it automatically appears in the app on ALL of your devices that you install it - for reading anywhere anytime. 

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