Here is a valuable resource for educators addressing post-election issues with students.
January 17, 2017
Contra Costa  County Office of Education Shares Resource 
All Kids Are Our Kids: A Post-Election Toolkit for Educators

Dr. Pamela Comfort, Deputy Superintendent of CCCOE, is sharing this resource with Region 6 administrators.

"As school communities continue to deal with some of the polarizing issues of the 2016 presidential election and upcoming inauguration, teachers and school/district administrators are faced with situations they are not accustomed to dealing with. From impromptu student walk-outs and organized demonstrations on campus, to student fears of family deportation and incidents of hate speech and graffiti, many campuses throughout our county and across the state and nation are experiencing increased tension among students and adults. 

In an attempt to assist schools and districts with many of these issues, the Contra Costa County Office of Education is pleased to provide you with the following resource, entitled; “All Kids Are Our Kids: A Post-Election Toolkit for Educators.”  The purpose of the toolkit is to be a dynamic resource, where educators can go for things like school-to-home messaging, tips for dealing with the media, strategies for addressing potential student walk-outs, classroom resources and tools for supporting students/families and promoting safe school campuses.

The Toolkit can be found here:

We encourage you to share this site with colleagues and other school and youth advocates. Please visit the site often, as we will attempt to add resources for as long as school communities continue to deal with these issues. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the CCCOE Communications Department at 925-942-3325. "

We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Region 6 Staff
Bob Giannini, Executive
Rose Lock, Consultant
Region 6 Leadership
President:  Steve Collins
President-Elect:  Essence Phillips
Past President: Janet Haun
Vice President, Staff Development: Pam Comfort
Vice President, Programs: Cindy Matteoni
Vice President, Legislation: Karen Sakata
Vice President, Membership: Kevin Grier
Secretary: Pam Hughes
Treasurer: Pam VandeKamp
Comptroller:  Soleste Hilberg
ACSA Board Director: Rob Stockberger
Representatives: Fred Brill, Kris Martin-Meyer, Krista Taylor
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."  - Nelson Mandela
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