February, 2018

Post-Judgment Collections in Texas - What You Need to Know

By Jonelle Oldacre, Associate Attorney 

As many creditors know, the state of Texas provides robust protection for debtors and navigating the post-judgment collection process can be an overwhelming experience for even the savviest professional. Attempting debt collection during an economic slowdown can further compound a creditor's frustration as they face an increase in slow-pay and no-pay debtors. After countless demand letters go ignored, creditors often turn to litigation in hopes of getting paid. However, a creditor's celebration after obtaining a judgment is often short lived, as they soon realize the judgment is only a piece of paper and there is more work to be done. Many of the collection fantasies soon fade away upon reviewing the long list of properties exempt from collection in the state of Texas. This news can be discouraging; however, there are still avenues for collection, and this article provides an overview of the various post-judgment collection procedures available in Texas...

Important February Lien Deadlines 

A mechanic's lien is a beneficial tool for professionals in the construction industry to both secure and collect debt from services or materials supplied on a construction project. While helpful, it's no secret that Texas has one of the most complicated and detailed lien processes with specific deadlines and rules that must be met. Navigating through the process can be difficult, but as our client, you will have peace of mind knowing that a team with extensive lien experience and knowledge is advocating for you.

Click below for a list of specific February deadlines by project type:

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  • Saved a client $120k through the removal of two invalid Mechanic's liens.

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