Dear Friends in Christ,

We have moved from the Green Phase of the Post-Omicron pandemic back to the Yellow Post-Omicron Phase. The public health indicators from the CDC regarding community transmission have substantially increased. As such the following protocols will be in place for the next 2 weeks or until we return to the Green Phase once again. If you are like me the thought of going backwards is a little disheartening but for the sake of the community the following protocols will be observed:

  • Mandatory mask use is re-instituted for all indoor events, regardless of vaccination status or percentage of vaccinated.
  • Social distancing is strongly recommended as well.
  • Clergy, lay readers, and choral leaders may unmask minimally to speak/perform and only if social distancing of 20 feet can be maintained.
  • Congregational singing is still encouraged with mandatory mask use regardless of vaccination status.
  • Outdoor events should still maintain social distancing, but mask use may be optional.
  • Offerings may be collected as the congregation chooses, using a variety of means. Money counters are encouraged to use disposable gloves or hand sanitizer when handling cash or checks.
  • Food and beverage distribution for social events is strongly discouraged
  • Outside groups may return with their own guidelines. Continue to emphasize mask use in hallways and cleaning of high touch surfaces.
I will notify you as soon as we are able to reduce mitigation protocols. Thank you for cooperating with these efforts to ensure the health and well-being of the St. John’s community.
Rev. Ann