Post Pandemic Ponderings
How are you doing now that life has returned to “normal”? Summer 2021 and most of us have hit the road running! I have just returned from a fun, fabulous 3 days with 3 fabulous forever friends. But guess what? I’m exhausted! I even forgot to check the calendar when I returned and missed a massage appointment. ☹

Most of my girlfriends are struggling too. Most would say “too much”! As I stop to consider what has happened, I’ve decided to make a check list. If you are thinking along the same lines, perhaps this will help you in some small way.
I would love to hear from you on this subject!

  • Does my life have margins today? Do I have time to breathe ~ time to linger ~ time to rest?
  • Am I taking time to just be still & know how much God has done for me?
  • Am I rushing through my quiet time to go somewhere, do something?
  • Do I have time to color my prayers or maybe even doodle?
  • Is my mind busy planning the next event or activity?
  • Am I saying "yes" to activities just because I can? Have I said "no" lately?
  • Am I intentionally choosing activities that feed my soul?
  • Do I have time to encourage someone by sending a card or making that phone call?
  • Do I feel overwhelmed by my summer schedule ahead?
  • Have I forgotten valuable lessons learned during the Pandemic?
  • What do I miss about 2020?
  • How is the busyness and return to "normal" affecting my peace within and my closest relationships?

I truly hope this finds you enjoying Summer 2021 with time to breathe & ponder your blessings,

Marva, Artist & Owner
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