October 2021
This Saturday, October 30th, Sole Trainers from across Boston will come together at Franklin Park for the 8th annual Sole Train 5K (ST5K), rain or shine! All supporters are invited to this epic celebration of community-building and mentoring in a 5K race... So what are you waiting for? Be a part of the fun and excitement the ST5K generates each year:

Register today and join us for an afternoon of life-giving community! 
Sole Train’s (ST) new Mid Soles program deepens the ST footprint along TBC’s youth development and leadership pathway of healing. Having participated in ST as middle schoolers, Mid Soles are high school students employed and trained by ST staff to support Young and Old Soles in multiple capacities. This new dimension of leadership development will help ST deepen its impact in the lives of youth.  

Luis, one of ST’s new Mid Soles said: “What led me to apply to be a Mid Sole is that when I was running, I didn’t have much confidence in me to run, but everyone there pushes and encourages Young Soles to run. That’s what I want to do: I want to encourage Young Soles to run and clear their thoughts because that's what happens when you run...I got my grades up and I stayed in class when I started to run for Sole Train.”
While the Red Sox’s incredible baseball season has come to an end, the Red Sox Organization is still on the mound pitching for racial equity with TBC’s Organizational Equity Practice (OEP) in relief. This fall, OEP is providing the line-up for their equity committee in launching race-based caucuses in the racial equity post season. The batting order includes caucus facilitation training and organization-wide implementation planning and consulting.
This post-season work stems from OEP’s regular season of successfully facilitating race-based caucuses for their equity committee members. The newly empowered committee now seeks to expand the caucuses by recruiting new members and learning how to facilitate these powerful spaces on their own. OEP will continue to champion  this tremendous work in 2022 for our beloved hometown team on behalf of the many youth of color who benefit from the Red Sox Organization and its Foundation’s programs. “GO SOX!” 
Becca Butler
Cherrelle Gipson
Darrick Scott 
Trinity Boston Counseling Center (TBCC) recently welcomed its 2021-2022 clinical interns!  

Becca Butler is a third-year clinical psychology student working towards a PsyD at Antioch University New England. Becca understands the importance of deep and relational therapeutic work. She recently moved to Boston to intern at TBCC. 

Cherrelle Gipson holds a MA in clinical psychology and is currently a 3rd year doctoral student in clinical psychology at UMass Boston. Cherrelle hails from the South side of Chicago and has experience working with underserved communities through her research and clinical experiences at the University of Chicago.
Darrick Scott is currently a 5th year graduate student in UMass Boston's clinical psychology doctoral program. His studies focus on racism, racial identity, and how mental health stigmas impact mental health outcomes for Black Americans. Darrick is also a returning intern with TBCC. He shared his previous TBCC clinical experience during our BFY 2020 virtual gala; hear Darrick in his own words here. 
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