Leadership Class 40 - State Government
Seminar Overvie
Class 40 in the Supreme Court
At Class 40's State Government Seminar, sessions rich in dialogue and diverse in perspectives gave participants an insider's view of the operating environment in Olympia, and ultimately imparted a sense that they can make a difference in our state government.

The AgForestry Foundation and Class 40 are grateful to the Washington Forest Protection Association's Executive Director, Mark Doumit, and his staff for sponsoring and organizing yet another outstanding seminar!

What Class Participants are Saying...   
  • This seminar was an amazing opportunity to learn about the process and interface with the people who make it happen. I am still a little shocked by the access we had, and the caliber of people we met.
  • I have the tools! I have the confidence! I'm now ready to engage more actively in Olympia and drive forward natural resource issues.
  • I went from knowing nothing about how to navigate our Capitol during session to becoming fairly confident in a three-day period! I now feel equipped with the information necessary to represented and heard in our State Capitol.
  • The opportunity to put a human perspective on the political process was valuable for me. This seminar calmed my anxieties about the process and provided a great deal of context for how to get involved.
  • RELATIONSHIPS, RELATIONSHIPS, RELATIONSHIPS! Previous seminars tee'd up this perspective, and this seminar drove it home. Nothing gets done if no one respects you or wants to work with you.
  • GREAT being able to watch the legislative process work. I feel confident that I will be able to get my voice heard in Olympia now
  • I now understand how anyone can help make change in Olympia. It just takes some initiative, and the desire and passion to see it through.
  • This whole legislative thing was an absolute mystery until this seminar . . and dare I say, I love it!
  • I feel more responsible for and more comfortable about getting involved. Moving forward, I will be more active in my local government.

Class 40 visits with Justice Owens and Chief Justice Fairhurst.

Representative JT Wilcox at the Association of Washington Business luncheon.

Friends unite at the WFPA Reception: Court Stanley, President - Port Blakely U.S. Forestry (Class 21); Tammie Perrault, Owner - Two Cats Timber (Class 38); Hilary Franz Commissioner of Public Lands; and Sheryl McGrath, President, AgForestry.

Panel on the regulatory and rule-making process.

Capitol Building - Olympia, Washington.

A "selfie" taken by AgForesty President,
Sheryl Mcgrath seen here with
Mark Doumit, Executive Director of
Washington Forest Protection Association. 
Many thanks again to WFPA for hosting Class 40 and friends during the seminar,  AND for providing a fantastic dinner reception!

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