The following is an update on the current status of service in the Village of Palmetto Bay as of Monday, September 18, 2017.

1. POWER RESTORATION: Village officials are continuing to communicate with our FPL representatives numerous times a day to inform them of any new issues or concerns that the residents have reported to the village. We also provide them with any new locations of reported downed power lines and ask for any updates on the restoration efforts. When new information has been provided to the village, we have given the same information to the residents through the communication outputs that we currently have available, essentially email, website and social media. Residents and municipal officials in Coral Gables, Pinecrest and Palmetto Bay are extremely frustrated with the restoration process. Unfortunately, the municipalities do not have the resources or authority to restore the power or remove trees in private homes that are leaning on power lines. An emergency meeting was called over the weekend for this evening to address the matter with FPL in a public forum. An FPL representative will be present. 

Our residents can rest assure that what the leaders and staff in Palmetto Bay have been doing all that is within our power to do.  Our focus right now is to get FPL to restore the power to all homes in Palmetto Bay. After that, we will also be addressing the issues that caused the delay to come up with solutions for future events. 

2. ROADS : Our employees have been working extended shifts since the hurricane. Our mission critical team was onsite at Village Hall during the storm to begin working as soon as the storm event ended. All other Parks and Public Services personnel reported the day after and have been working daily since.  Thanks to their efforts, all village-owned roads and public right-of-ways are clear of debris. 

If you are aware of any fully-blocked streets that have not yet been cleared, please report it to the Village at 305-259-1234.

3. VILLAGE PARKS: Over the weekend, our clean-up crews started to move into our park facilities, which suffered extensive damage.  Our teams are trying to salvage as many trees as possible, particularly the more mature native species. Below is an update for each individual facility:

  1. Palmetto Bay Park: Most of the park is clear of debris. Village employees were out there this morning to reduce our debris piles and haul out the waste. We expect to make an announcement about the opening of the park by tomorrow.
  2. Thalatta Estate Park:  Most of the park is also clear and repaired. Our employees are working on getting the facility up and running by week’s end.
  3. Ludocici Park: Crews were out there this morning trying to salvage the large trees knocked down by the storm. Work should be completed within the next 2 days. The park is closed until all clean-up work is done, however, the Miami-Dade County Public Library is currently open.
  4. Perrine Wayside Park: our dog park remains closed for clean-up and also to begin the planned park improvements that were approved prior to the storm event.
  5. Coral Reef Park: Unfortunately, Coral Reef Park was the park that sustained the most damage as a result of Hurricane Irma. Clean-up crews were onsite this morning and we should have a better idea about a park opening date later this week.

4. VILLAGE HALL : power was restored to Village Hall late Wednesday and we resumed regular operations on Thursday. Internet service has been restored as of today.

The Council Chambers remains open to the residents during operating hours (M-F 8:30 am – 5 pm) as a refuge from the heat. Our Wi-Fi is up and running, so you can use and charge your mobile devices here.

5. BUILDING PERMITS : The building department opened for regular operating hours last Thursday.  An expedited process for all fence permits was previously announced and it is once again included below as reference. 

We heard your concerns about building permit fees.  Consequently, the department is waiving all permit fees for any required home repair work arising from Hurricane Irma for permit applications that are submitted within 60 calendar days from today, September 18, 2017. The 60-day permit fee waiver period expires on November 16, 2017, by 4:30 p.m. To qualify for the fee waiver, the proposed work must be related to Hurricane Irma and the permit application must be submitted to the Village by the expiration date and time. By Florida law and statutes, the actual building permit and/or required inspections cannot be waived.

Expedited Fence Permit Process:

No permit required for minor repairs to existing fences involving 5 or less new fence posts. Repairs involving 6 or more new posts will require a fence permit. Fence permits will require:

  • A Permit Application with the owner and contractor’s signature. If pulling permit as an owner builder fill out the owner builder affidavit.
  • Two copies of the property survey with the marked location(s) of the proposed fence (copies do not need to be recent.) If you cannot produce a survey in a timely manner, we will temporally allow an affidavit in lieu of survey.
  • Please have your Sunshine locations ticket # ready as proof that you have requested the location of underground utilities. More information available at this site or by calling 8-1-1
  • State Statute 713 requires that projects with a job value of over $2,500 must have a Notice of Commencement or NOC. The NOC needs to be recorded with the Miami-Dade County Clerk of the Courts. This recording can be done online and licensed contractors are typically familiar with the process. The recorded NOC must be onsite at the first inspection. The County’s online filing link is:
  • Every attempt will be made to issue your permit while you wait in one visit. If need be, the owner or your contractor can pick it up the following day.
  • Chain link fences require only a final zoning and final building inspection. Wood and all other fence types require a foundation (hole) inspection before posts are set in concrete. And once the fence is completed a final zoning and final building inspection.

If anyone is aware of elderly residents or special needs residents who are without power and in need of assistance, please call Village Hall at 305-259-1234.