With the storms of the past weekend now over we wanted to provide a brief post storm summary/update and encourage you again to be and stay prepared throughout this stormy winter season.  Your City of Morgan Hill Team including,  your Police Department, Fire Department, Public Works Department, Office of Emergency Services, Streets and Parks, continue to work diligently with many other agencies in the County to plan, prepare and mitigate weather and storm related impacts with your SAFETY ALWAYS A TOP PRIORITY!

As anticipated, the weekend storms caused Anderson Dam to flow over through the spillway. The spillway is designed for this exact purpose. The flow continued to increase through the weekend, with peak flow through the spillway occurring at approximately 7AM Tuesday morning.

Also, as anticipated, this did cause localized flooding in lower Anderson Park and in the roadways immediately adjacent to the Coyote Creek. Morgan Hill residents in those neighborhoods were alerted to this potential through AlertSCC and Nextdoor on Sunday morning, with continued updates through Nextdoor.  An additional sandbag station was established off of the Target parking lot to provide a closer location for potentially impacted residents. 

The flow from Anderson heading north did cause a breach in Coyote Canal north of Cochrane which resulted in the flooding of the northbound lanes of US 101 and the closure of those lanes. US 101 was reopened at 4:30am on Wednesday morning, after the breach in the canal was repaired by the Santa Clara Valley Water District. Read full details of the incident from the Santa Clara Valley Water District

Monday evening Morgan Hill also experienced  localized flooding along West Little Llagas Creek at Wright, Main and Watsonville. These are known areas for potential flooding during heavy rains.

No residents in Morgan Hill were displaced or needed to evacuate during the storms.
Unfortunately, our San Jose neighbors to the north have had significant impacts due to the flooding of Coyote Creek in San Jose.  For information about impacts in San Jose please visit the City of San Jose's website.

The dam continues to be over 100% capacity and therefore continues to flow over the spillway.  The flows are steadily decreasing.  Coyote Creek is currently receding.  West Little Llagas has receded. You can monitor all of  this at the following link on the Santa Clara Valley Water District website
The immediate forecast calls for potential light rain this evening and then mostly dry through Saturday afternoon.  The storm coming in Saturday afternoon is predicted to last through Sunday but at this time looks to bring very little rain, mostly scattered showers. 

Temperatures will drop significantly starting tonight, with the possibility of low 30s in our area.
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Stay safe and warm Morgan Hill...and always be prepared!  Have a good night ahead!


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