JUNE 2022
Respect: At the Heart of Our Values
What does it mean to show respect? To speak kindly. To have an open mind. To listen carefully. It's all of those things and more. Respect is the foundation of teamwork, a positive work environment, and everything we strive to do at Potential.

In this issue of our newsletter, we get to the heart of our values—to show respect, and we share what it means to work at Potential—to feel respected.

Whether you are talking to one of our long-standing employees or new hires, you will hear a common theme. At Potential, you will be supported by your supervisors and inspired by your clients. You will be given the tools and encouragement you need to grow personally and professionally. And the chance to make a difference in someone's life. Including your own.

I am grateful to everyone who comes to work each day to make the world a better place just by being kind to, interested in and accepting of others and their differences. Learning respect means taking the other person’s perspective into account even when you don't agree with it. It's the hallmark of a positive work environment and what it means to work at Potential.

Kristine Quinby
President and CEO
“Sometimes it’s a form of love just to talk to somebody that you have nothing in common with and still be fascinated by their presence.”
David Byrne, singer-songwriter,
self-diagnosed as on the spectrum — what he calls his “superpower
We’re Hosting Our First Graduation!
Friday, June 24, 2022

We are eagerly awaiting our first graduation celebration, which will take place under a tent on the front lawn of our center in Newtown. On June 26, we will be welcoming the families of our current students who have completed their work with us here. During the short program, students will receive their certificate of completion. We are planning for a small, invitation-only gathering to recognize our students in a way that is most meaningful to them.

We are so proud of our graduates. Congratulations!
Come See Us at Newtown Welcome Day
Be sure to stop by our table at Newtown Welcome Day on Sunday, June 26, from 11 am to 4 pm. The annual street festival held along Sycamore Street is a great opportunity to show our support for our community and engage others in ours.
The 6th Annual Car Show for Autism
Saturday, September 24, 1 to 5 pm
Be Part of It!
In case you haven't heard, Potential's 6th Annual Car Show for Autism is already looking to be the biggest and best yet!

And that means we need more help this year to make sure this major fundraiser and highly anticipated community event is a great day. With your help, we know it will be.

As in years past, this popular family event will feature music and live performances; food trucks; 100+ cars, trucks and bikes, including police cars and fire trucks; plus games, prizes, raffles, contests and more.
We are looking for volunteers as well as car owners/clubs, businesses, organizations, vendors, entertainers and sponsors to ensure the success of this event.

There are several ways you can help, including registering your vehicle, becoming an event sponsor or trophy sponsor, participating as a vendor, or donating your time and talent to our nonprofit.
For more information, click here.
Volunteers Make It Happen
Helping Others Is Fun and Good for You
If you want to do something really wonderful for yourself, channel a little energy on helping others. Studies show that volunteering can improve your emotional and physical health. It can lower your stress and may reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and depression.*

It can also be a lot of fun. Especially when you volunteer at Potential’s Annual Car Show for Autism. Just ask Rita Carlton and Sylvie Brien, two of this year’s volunteer coordinators. Both women have volunteered at Potential in various capacities for several years.

“It’s a good cause, and the team at Potential is very appreciative of any help from volunteers. The events always turn out to be very successful,” says Sylvie. “It’s a great opportunity to network, meet new people and make a difference. Their events are unique and interesting. We need more volunteers. The car show keeps growing.”

Rita adds that as the car show continues to grow, so too has awareness of autism. “The car show is not just about raising money, it's also about raising awareness in our community,” she says. “Getting involved with Potential really opened my eyes. I didn’t realize the depth of the issues for people with autism,” she says. “It’s great to see the community come out to support this important cause.”

Email Rita Carlton or Sylvie Brien directly with any questions.
What Makes Potential a Great Place to Work? Glad You Asked!

What do people value most at work? The Great Resignation of 2021 and 2022 gave us some new valuable insights, and changed the workplace forever.

Here at Potential, we took note and listened to what our employees had to say. We learned that it was not just the rate of pay, but the consistency of guaranteed pay that makes such a difference in people’s lives. This was especially important to hourly team members. We also learned, through town halls, anonymous surveys, and one-on-one lunches with staff, that open, honest communication was very important to our staff.

Over the years, we have traditionally boasted a high retention rate, due in large part to our culture and values. During the pandemic, when we saw some dips in retention, we took steps to ensure a strong, stable and caring work environment for everyone.

“I really feel that at Potential, I am given what I need to be successful,” says Jordyn Gaber. “In a little more than a year, I have gone from being an admin to the Center Administrator of our new Warminster location.”

In addition to offering extensive training and development, Potential recognizes and respects its employees by considering their individual needs and finding ways to help them grow personally and professionally. These are hallmarks of a great place to work. Click on the link below to read our Top 5!
Behavior Technician Catherine Sabatini Shares the Joys of Positivity
Join us in recognizing Behavior Technician Catherine Sabatini, who just celebrated her first-year anniversary at Potential. Like many of our behavior technicians, Catherine first came to Potential as part of her college program and stayed because she not only loved the work but also the warm, caring and supportive environment.
“I love how everyone at Potential is so positive with our clients and wants to do the best for them every day,” says Catherine. “You can tell how much they care about every client. I am very sensitive, and this quality is close to my heart. I find it really uplifting to work with people who feel the same way I do.”
Catherine is planning to continue her education to become a BCBA, working full-time at Potential and taking online college courses, paid in part by Potential.
“I didn’t know I would like working as an RBT as much as I do. Working at Potential has been a great first experience. It opened me up to work in this field. I fell in love with ABA,” she says.
Catch Up with More People of Potential on Social Media
We’ll be featuring new members of our community and staff who are making an impact on the lives of people with autism. Look for #PeopleofPotentialInc on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn on Wednesdays.
No experience necessary. Tremendous growth potential.

We are always looking for energetic, flexible and, above all else, compassionate individuals who enjoy working with children and want to make a difference in the community. Does that sound like you or someone you know? View our careers page or contact us for more information. 
A Career at Potential
We strive to provide a stable, nurturing, and fun environment that allows our staff to grow personally and professionally through training, supervision, and support, while earning a good living.
Danielle Hebling
(3 Years)
Registered Behavior Technician

“Danielle's bright and bubbly personality has made all the difference for her clients!”
Rachel Landers
(5 Years)

“Anyone who knows Rachel knows how much she cares for her students.”
Our Birthdays This Month
​We wish these team members a very happy birthday this June. Here’s to another year of health and happiness!
Ashlee Gehman 
Riley McDevitt
Donata Hess
Andrea Bevilaqua
Mary Espinoza
Olivia Bell
Astrich Michel
Kelsi Mozart
Rob Cullen
 Kristen Flade
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the U.S., affecting 1 in 44 children. Caring for a child with autism is a struggle for hundreds of families in our community. Yet, we know that with effective treatment, children can learn the skills they need to enjoy day-to-day activities, easing the burden on their loved ones. 

When you make a donation to Potential, you are not only changing someone’s life, but also investing in our community as a whole. So that people like Ryan (see below) can live fuller, more independent lives.
Ryan’s Story
When Ryan came to Potential, he was two years old and unable to talk. He would get frustrated and sometimes hit or bite his peers.

“His first word was ‘book.’ I’ll never forget it,” recalls his mother, Melissa. “Initially, he was receiving 20 hours of therapy per week plus speech and occupational therapy. Over time, and with improvement, Ryan’s therapy was cut back.”

“I am so grateful for what Potential has done for Ryan. I will always take a call from them.” —Melissa

At age four, he was enrolled in a pre-kindergarten class. “We never told the teacher of his autism, and apparently, she never detected it,” says Melissa. “Ryan is eight now and is excelling in third grade among his typical peers.”
Help us make an impact.