COVID-19 Changes that Can Impact Your Insurance

Please contact our office to review your coverage if any of the following apply:
  • Your personal household vehicle is used for work-related deliveries
  • You are operating your business from your home or another structure on your property
  • Your child, who you removed as a driver from your auto policy as he/she was away at school, has returned home
  • You have increased 'connectivity' with remote work and home schooling through laptops, smartphones, desktop units, ipads, etc. 
Additional Considerations
T he financial impact of COVID-19 has many households reevaluating their expenses. Now is a perfect time to review your insurance coverage with us.         

Auto Discounts:

Have you taken advantage of all potential discounts on your auto policy such as:

  • Good student
  • Advanced driving courses
  • Full payment of premium
  • Paperless billing and EFT payments to eliminate installment fees
Regarding your homeowners, have you:
  • installed any alarm systems in your home which could provide you with a premium discount
  • evaluated your building limited to assure it represents the estimated cost to rebuild your home at the time of a loss so you are neither under or over insured
  • made an inventory of your home contents to determine the estimated value that you would need in the event of a total loss. A great idea is making a video of your belongings by room and saving that video so you could access it at the time of a loss.
  • added any new structures or improved structures on your property - (i.e. created a home office, an in-law apartment, hobby studio, etc)
Other considerations:
  • Do you still own the jewelry or fine art that you have scheduled or have you purchased new pieces not yet added to the schedule?
  • Have you sold or purchased a snowmobile, 4 wheeler, boat?
  • Have you purchased or sold a travel trailer or RV?
  • Do you have a collector car that you are working on refurbishing or you just finished doing?