We realize that these times continue to be challenging for all, and both time and resources are precious. Because of this, we are being selective about our communication with you.  Our goal is to be here to help by providing timely resources and assure that your risks during this evolving time are identified and protected.

Changes in operations can impact your insurance!
Please contact our office if any of the following are now part of your business operations – even if temporary - so we can discuss your specific situation to determine what, if any, adjustments are needed to your insurance program:

  • You have employees working remote outside of MA/your primary state of operation 
  • You are using the services of any temporary employment agency
  • You do deliveries that were not part of your prior operations
  • You offer beer and/or wine with take out food orders
  • You own a building that the tenant(s) are not using to conduct their customary operations
  • You are a tenant, are not operating your business, and are not maintaining business property that would be required to conduct your customary operations
  • You have some level of off-site work that requires connection to your business network