Potential Plans - an eye-opener
Andrea Hussong and Lisa Shoumaker couldn’t believe their eyes.

The Trinity faculty members were amazed – almost brought to tears – by the potential possibilities.

The two Trinity teachers were among a handful of people who got a first-hand look – on Wednesday - at what the future may hold for Trinity’s campus.
“Oh, my gosh,” Mrs. Hussong said. “What we saw, the potential refurbish and upgrades to our facility, they were amazing and much needed.”

Ms. Shoumaker’s reaction?

“I about cried,” Ms. Shoumaker said. “Thinking of all the amazing things we could do and the people that we could reach – and further our mission - with an upgraded facility is truly amazing.”

The congregation will get a peek on Sunday during a congregational forum at 9:30 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall.

And on June 22 and June 28, there will be a congregational-wide – everyone is invited - in-depth look at all the plans at 6:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.

Trinity’s Build Team and The Aspen Group have been crafting these preliminary plans.

“These preliminary plans are a possibility of what we can do and some things we ought to do – all for the sake of the Gospel,” Pastor Golter shared.

We continue to walk by faith, knowing that it will take all of us.

“It’s my prayer that for those who haven’t committed to our generosity journey, that they are able to come see and hear what this is all about,” Mrs. Hussong said. “I think that they will be amazed.”