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Potholes & Other Snow Related Concerns

Montgomery Township Mayor Rich Smith and the Township Administration would like to update our residents as to how we are addressing weather related conditions in the Township such as potholes, clogged storm drains and excess snow removal, which have all occurred due to the unprecedented amount of snow and freezing weather this winter.


The information listed below will direct residents on how to communicate concerns with our Department of Public Works and other road maintenance groups.  Thank you for your cooperation and patience while we work to keep Montgomery roads safe!


Pot Holes:

  1. Pothole repairs are ongoing but due to the weather and temperature they are being prioritized based on location and size.  The most severe will be addressed first.  However, Montgomery Department of Public Works is also working on clearing catch basins and removing snow banks from roadsides and widening travel lanes.    
  2. Residents may report potholes on Township Maintained Roads by calling the Montgomery Twp Pothole Hotline:  908-874-8947 and providing their name, address, telephone number and the location of the pot hole.    
  3. Residents may report potholes on Somerset County Maintained Roads by emailing Somerset County Road Dept. at  These include:
Rt. 518  - Georgetown-Franklin Turnpike 
Rt 533  - Millstone River Road 
Rt. 601 - Belle Mead- Blawenburg Road/The Great Road/Trent Pl. 
Rt. 602  - Skillman Road West of Rt. 601  
Rt. 604 - Dutchtown-Harlingen Rd. 
Rt. 605  - Kingston River Road to Princeton 
Rt. 630 - Belle Mead-Griggstown Rd. 
Rt. 632  - Griggstown Causeway 
Roads in Skillman Park


4.    For potholes on Rt. 206, residents should go to the New Jersey Department of Transportation website under Pothole/Highway Maintenance Reporting: for more information and a reporting form to complete. 

5.    There are many streets within private housing developments whose maintenance is the responsibility of the property management company and not Montgomery Twp.  For questions on the maintenance of these streets and parking lots, residents should contact their property manager.  Click HERE for a list of streets which are private. 


Fire Hydrants:

  1. If you are able, please assist our volunteer firefighters by removing snow from around fire hydrants near your home.  It could save firefighters precious time helping you or a neighbor in an emergency!


Blocked Storm Drains:

  1. To report that a storm drain is blocked because so much snow has been plowed onto the side of the road, please provide your name, telephone number, and the address of where the storm drain is located in an email to .  The Public Works Dept. will prioritize these issues.      
  2. If the storm drain is clogged with a small amount of snow, we appreciate any residents who wish to take the initiative and clear the snow away from the drain as much as possible.



  1. If the mailbox is down because of the snow plow, residents may email their name, telephone number, address (and upload photos of the mailbox if possible) to  There is no set schedule as to when the mailbox will be repaired.  Public Works is balancing their workload to accommodate priority issues.  - Residents in the meantime may go to their post office and request to have their mail held for the next few weeks until their mailbox is repaired.  If they do this, it will ensure that their mail is not lost, they can pick it up at their convenience and it will be safe until retrieved.     
  2. If snow is piled up around the mailbox so that the post office cannot deliver mail, residents have a couple of options:  -They may have their mail held at the post office (for above reasons) until the snow has melted and mail delivery can be resumed.  -They may consider clearing the snow away from the mailbox themselves.


Curbside Recycling:

  1. Somerset County recycling pickups will be delayed this week due to the Monday holiday and the subsequent severe weather. Residents are asked to leave their recyclables at the curb after snow plowing is done.  Collections will be completed as soon as possible. The Somerset County Recycling Division thanks residents for their patience and understanding.
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