Volume 41 / February 2022
Pottawatomie County

Agriculture & Horticulture
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Forages and Profitable Beef
Derrell Peel with Oklahoma State University Extension suggests cattle are ultimately a means to harvest and market forage, and there are some situations in the cow-calf business that may offer opportunities to produce forage of higher value.
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Pond Water Quality and Livestock
Dry weather has greatly reduced surface water availability to cattle in many pastures. As if the problem of water quantity is not enough to worry about, now the issue of water quality enters the picture. .

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Valentine's Day- The Inside Scoop
Confessions from a former florist:

Order Early! - Best selection and better service. NOW is not too early!

Order from a local brick and mortar store with a local address. 1-800 orders may route through several hands before your order is filled. You will pay more for fewer flowers.

To help with staffing issues, if you know what you want to send, do order online from your favorite local shop. Just make sure you have their web site.

Order flowers in season. If you want to send flowers that were in your wedding (so sweet) but that was in June or September, have a back up plan.

Be Flexible with what is available! Supplies are challenging right now.

If sending to work, consider sending EARLY (ALWAYS better than late!). Valentine's is on a Monday this year, so deliver to their work on Thursday or Friday to celebrate all weekend. Another option is to say no later than a specific date, but let the shop decide which day to send - if weather is nuts this helps the delivery schedules!

Get the delivery address and cell phone number before calling the florist.

Know how you want to sign the card. If you have a very private message or lengthy message - buy a card and hand write your thoughts. Don't put your florist in the middle. (They will thank you.)

Plants are a great gift! House plants are great for Valentine's Day gifts! It's pretty cold to plant anything outdoors, unless you select a dormant tree. (Lovely idea for a gardener, but not very pretty) A gift card can work great, if you want to give plants for outside.

Many men order roses, however....many women enjoy a mixed bouquet. Casually find out what your sweetheart likes best, or order a mixed bouquet with some roses and try something new.

You cannot send flowers anonymously. Oklahoma stalker laws say that if the recipient calls and requests who the sender was, the flower shop must tell them. (And by the way... Yes, she will call.)
The VASE Project /Local Recycling!

January Extension Project Update
A big THANK YOU to all who brought vases by this month. A total of 222 vases were collected and will be equally distributed to four local flower shops in Shawnee and Tecumseh. Each shop was very excited and appreciative of this opportunity.

A nice variety of vases were given! If every vase was worth $5.00 (some more and some less) that's a total of $1,110 in resources that will help our local businesses. We have a great people in our community!

Valentine's Day is coming soon - remember to
What is coming up in Pottawatomie County?
Landscape Recovery Part One - Pruning Workshop
February 8th, 2022
10 am to noon
Pottawatomie County OSU Extension Grounds and Classroom
How to prune crape myrtles and other plants to improve damaged landscapes.

Hands-on and classroom time both, weather permitting! Dress in layers for outside!
Please RSVP, 405-273-7683
Multi-County Master Gardeners
Executive Meeting February 9th
OSU Extension Office Classroom
9:30 am

Association Meeting
January 16th
9:00 am
OSU Extension Office Classroom
Shawnee, OK

Snacks and coffee at 9:00 am, business meeting at 9:30am.

Click here to view the Class Schedule for current MG Course
Thank you to the Pottawatomie County Cattlemen who have donated empty cattle feed tubs for the container garden workshop for the Absentee Shawnee Housing Authority in April. Y'all are the best! - Carla
Mark you calendars. The PCCA will be hosting an educational event on March 22nd. Our speaker will be Pottawatomie county Agricultural Educator and Regional Agronomist Mike Trammell.
The title of Mike's talk will be:

"Grazing Management to Minimize Cost"
Pollinator Gardens
Gordon Cooper Technology Center, Shawnee, OK
February 22, 2022
6 pm to 7 pm
Register with Gordon Cooper to enroll in this class. 405-273-7493.
Class information Look under Personal Enrichment tab and then Home and Garden
Announcements for events and online programs
Doug Tallamy will be in Oklahoma! He is an award winning author on native plants and conservation, presenting about his latest book "Nature's Best Hope". Check before leaving home, the weather may change plans.

February 4th in Tulsa, OK
February 5th in Edmond, OK

The February 19 Backyard Fruit Tree Field Day is free of charge and open to anyone interested in learning about growing their own fruit trees. Registration is required.

Topics will include:
  • choosing what type of fruit trees grow best in Oklahoma
  • proper planting
  • choosing the adapted varieties
  • hands-on pruning
  • soil testing & fertilization
  • insect & disease management

Participants will have a choice of times: Morning session (9-11:30am) or
Afternoon session (1:30-4pm).

Both timeslots will provide identical material.
Hoping to have more hands-on participation, we are limiting registration numbers for each session.

Online Shackelford Horticulture Webinar Series for 2022
New Schedule! New Registration!
These are intended for all audiences! Master Gardeners are encouraged to use these lectures for educational hours. Home gardeners and industry personnel will find something new to learn.

Zoom Webinars - noon to 1 pm

Thursday, February 10 - Zoom Webinar - noon to 1 pm
12:00 pm        Can I afford to buy feed to carry calves until pasture is available? – Paul Beck
Replacement heifer nutrition to optimize pregnancy rates – David Lalman
Western Oklahoma Range Management Considerations – Laura Goodman
12:00 pm       The Weather: What Can We Expect? – Wes Lee
Cattle Outlook: Destocking Considerations – Derrell Peel

The previous RANCHER's LUNCHTIME SERIES workshops are also available online for viewing at your convenience.

Go to our landing page at Beef.okstate.edu or just click on the link below:

Average Fertilizer Prices
Current Price/Last Reported
Urea (46-0-0).......$820 down from $880.00
DAP (18-46-0)......$847 no change.
Pot Ash (0-0-60)..$817 up from $772.00
These prices are based on an average of three area bulk fertilizer dealers. (updated January 31, 2022)

Just a note, these prices can change daily. Shop around for price and availability.
For Hay and Cattle prices: Red will indicate a drop in price, Green will indicate a rise in price. (1 27 2022)
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