Grace Church  
in Salem
The Reverend Debbie Phillips, Rector
385 Essex Street
Salem, Massachusetts 01970

11 May 2022

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Calendar for the Week


6:00 pm

Bible Study

7:30 pm

Choir Rehearsal




Drop off for Plant Sale


Easter V

9:30 am

Choir Rehearsal

10:00 am

Choral Holy Eucharist and Church School

4:00 pm

Celtic Evensong with Communion



6:00 pm

Adult Study on thThe Episcopal Church


6:00 pm

Bible Study

7:30 pm

Choir Rehearsal



The Reverend Debbie Phillips, Rector



Ryan Patten,

Sr. Warden

Peggy Carter,

Jr. Warden

Barbara Layne, Clerk

Angela Williams, Treasurer

Laura Beasley-Topliffe

Andrew Bishop

Lisa Duffy

Katie LaBonte

Joanna Troy

Matt vanHamersveld



Larry Kamp,

Director of Music


Tom and Karen Tucker, Sextons


Cheryl Robinson, Bookkeeper



Regathering Team

Peggy Carter, Chair

Lisa Duffy

Christine Reichert

Tom Tucker

Anti-racism Team

Maureen Bingham

Cliff Cutler

Ryan Patten

Jane Thompson

Angela Williams

Debbie Phillips

Technical Support for Worship

Jason Stonehouse

The Reverend Debbie Phillips


Hugh MacKay

Joanne Moar


Gavin Watson-Bertrand 

Altar Guild

Laura Beasley-Topliffe,


Beth Brown

Lisa Duffy

Larry Kamp

Caroline Ogah


Flower Committee

Deb Papps, Chair

Jane Thompson

Maureen Joyce


Celtic Meditations Team

Ryan Patten, musician

Eric Wagner

Jane Stewart

Paul Massari

Christine Reichert

Joanne Moar

Kathleen Tone


Director of Church School

Melissa Barnes



Ministry Team

Caroline Watson-Felt

Priscilla Lemons, Clerk

Ad Hoc Fundraising

Peggy Carter

Melissa Barnes

Joanne Moar

Caroline Watson-Felt

Real Asset Management/Property

Eric Wagner

Mike Ouellette

Tom Tucker

Bob Cole

Walter Weizenauer

Robert Hoffman

 Creation Care

Laura Beasley-Topliffe

Tom Gaither

Jane Stewart

Garden of Life

Jason Stonehouse


Convention Delegates

Laura Beasley-Topliffe

Joanne Moar

Eric Wagner, Alternate

Deanery Delegates

Laura Beasley-Topliffe

Joanne Moar

Walter Weizenauer

Eric Wagner

Thought for the Week

Dear Friends,

While I was playing tennis the other night, my partner said, "I've got to move my feet and stop being a potted plant." Calling us potted plants when we don't move is a favorite of one of our coaches. One moves to the ball for the best play. The more you move, the better your position. 

I was thinking about how our Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry always reminds us that we are part of the Jesus Movement. Jesus was no potted plant, staying put in one place waiting for people to come to him. Jesus came to us, like at Christmas. Jesus moved to show us how God moves on our behalf. 

Jesus also calls us to move: to follow and to go! So in the words of Coach Ed, "Don't be a potted plant! Move your feet!" Let's move our feet and while we are at it, let our hearts be so moved that we constantly feel God's grace.

In the Way of Love,


*Although we do not want to become potted plants we DO want you to purchase them at our plant sale on May 21!!!

Easter Altar.jpg

This Sunday

This Sunday we again hear the poignant words of Jesus to love one another. You may join us in worship in person at church or on Facebook at both the 10:00 am and 4:00 pm services. There will be no Zoom this week.

At 10:00 am, Jane Thompson will be assisting with the readings and prayers while Angela Williams and Peggy Carter are our ushers. The choir will be singing the anthem "My eyes for beauty pine," by Herbert Howells. The children will gather for Church School at 10:00 am and then join the congregation for communion. 

At 4:00 pm, Joanne Moar will give the reflection at our Celtic Evensong and Communion. Paul Massari will read the lessons, and Joanna Troy will offer the prayers and usher. Jane Stewart will be offering prayers for healing at our healing station.

Please join us wherever you are 

in your search for meaning. 

Everyone is welcome at any and all services at

Grace Episcopal Church

Parish Prayer List

Please keep the following in your prayers:

Evan Wagner, Garrett Graves, Nancy and her granddaughter, Sherri and Jerry Rhoads, Karen Kelly, Allison Mascolo, The Bishop-Tanquay Family, Marion McIntosh Gates, Max Joyce, Inga and Todd and Family, Linnae Peterson, Mel, Melissa Glassman, Corey MacNeil, Cliff Cutler, Helen Phillips, Kristin Gourley, Scott Tucker, Zan Duffy, Dianne, Sarah Colvin Duffy, Michael Towey, Stacia, Brian Peterson, Jenny, Loretta and Kris, Deb Papps, Derek Fuller and Family, the people of Palestine, Afghanistan, and Ukraine; the Salem Public Schools and for an end to racism, war, anti-Semitism, gun violence and oppression.


If you have prayer requests, please email by Tuesday at noon for publication in that week's e-news.

Welcome Spring

We ask that all planting and other donations be brought to church this Saturday and placed along the outside wall of the church by the Memorial Garden so that the Fundraising Committee can begin preparing for the sale. If youcould also be so kind as to let them know if you will be dropping something off by emailing them at

Grace Church Plant Sale 2022-Insta.png

Woven Together: The Assessment


Dear Friends of Grace,


As we know, the last two years have been very unusual, and as the vestry has been focused on Grace Church’s day to day operations, we have unfortunately gotten behind in our obligations to our Diocese. We will be going out to our community with a special ask to raise $10,000.


When we think of our Diocese, it’s not an organization on high, it is a group of churches, congregations and neighbors supporting each other. Grace Church has received support from our Diocese from the Mission Hub grant, among other support. Other churches in the Diocese have also received support, and we want to fulfill our mission to support our neighbor churches.


We know everyone is in a different financial situation, and we don’t want our members, friends and neighbors to feel a need to donate an uncomfortable amount. We are asking that everyone participate in a way that is attainable for you, as a show of gratitude for our community, and for our neighboring parishes in Eastern Massachusetts.



Angela Williams, Treasurer


Update: As of Last Sunday, about 40% of the congregation had






Sun., May 15, 2–5 p.m.

Race & Racism Workshop

featuring Debby Irving,

racial justice educator & writer;

author of “Waking Up White”


Workshop designed to support white people in making a key paradigm shift: from trying to “fix” and “help” those of other races, to acknowledging internalized views of white superiority and understanding how such views perpetuate racism at all levels.

Presented by

Beloved Community Team

St. Stephen’s Church, Lynn & Church of St. Andrew, Marblehead

Location of workshop: Church of St. Andrew

135 Lafayette Street (Rte. 114), Marblehead


Alan Gates.jpg

Bishop’s Visit

The Right Reverend Alan M. Gates, our Bishop Diocesan will be with us on Pentecost (June 5th)! The Bishop will celebrate the service at 10:00 am and then meet with the parish together so that he may hear our hopes and dreams for ways we can join others in falling more deeply in love with God and God’s people.


Here is a link to a resource for families to prepare for a Bishop’s visitation.


Whether you are a child or not, there is much to learn from this document. Plus, you get to color!!

Sabbatical Dates


Jesus took himself apart often in his ministry, to pray, to be with God, to be renewed. The Clergy Sabbatical Program sponsored by the bishops seeks to ensure that clergy in the Diocese of Massachusetts have an opportunity for a time of sabbath, for a renewal of spirit and a reaffirmation of life with God. A sabbatical can offer opportunities for creativity and discovery for both the clergyperson and the congregation. It is recommended that clergy take a sabbatical every five years.


Debbie will be on sabbatical from June 13 through September 7. During this time, you will have a chance to consider what Grace Church is calling you all to be in the future. The Revs. Cliff Cutler and Manny Faria will be taking many of the services. We will also have members leading us in Morning and Evening Prayer. We pray that all will return refreshed and renewed as we begin our 26th year together with her.


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