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Support Poudre Landmarks
on Colorado Gives Day
$10.00  School Tour for 1 Child

 $25.00  Help Maintain Exhibits

 $50.00  Support a Junior Docent

 $100.00  Support an Entertainer for July 4th

 $250.00  School Tour for a 2nd Grade Classroom

 $500.00  Avery House & Water Works Programs
 $1,000.00  Support Historic Preservation
Help us preserve, protect, restore and interpret the
´╗┐architectural & cultural heritage of the Fort Collins area.
Why Support Poudre Landmarks?

We envision a strong Fort Collins community, committed and connected to one another through our shared past. We want our community to continue sharing stories, traditions, and landmarks into the future to strengthen our sense of community and understand the path that led to their community.
We want to see generations of Fort Collins community members come through the Avery House.

We want to hear parents & grandparents tell their children that they remember touring the Avery House in 2 nd grade, and what they loved about it.
We want to see our community appreciate and value the city services and public works projects happening every day, because they can see the first public works project at the 1883 Water Works and trace the story to their present day.

Most importantly, we want the foundation of historic preservation to be laid for future generations. We continue our mission so the next generations can face future challenges with the wisdom that comes from understanding their past.
Help us achieve our vision: a community that understands, appreciates, and values its past.
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Your Support Makes Year-Round Programming Possible
970-221-0533 | 108 N. Meldrum Street Fort Collins, CO | info@poudrelandmarks.org
Board Members:
Thom Tisthammer, President | Tom Boardman, Vice President | Jennifer Kutzik, Secretary
Cheryl Donaldson | Lynda Lloyd | Kimberly Miller | Pat Nelson | Jacques Rieux | Dick Spiess | Robin Stitzel 
´╗┐Sarah Tisdale | Jordan Wiswell

Jennifer Beccard, Executive Director
Alison Sale, Communications Specialist | Jodie Chamberlain, Rental Events Coordinator