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La poule, nom féminin

Femelle du coq, élevée pour ses oeufs et sa chair.

Female of the rooster, raised for its eggs and its flesh.
Personne poltronnepersonne qui a peur de tout et n'importe quoipersonne qui ne prend aucun risque. [Familier]
Cowardly person, person who is afraid of anything and everything, person who takes no risks.
Etre mielleux. Une "bouche en cul de poule" est une bouche dont les lèvres forment un cercle du fait que les commissures sont relativement rapprochées. Dans son sens figuré, cette expression signifie qu'une personne prend un air mielleux, dans le but de savoir ou d'obtenir quelque chose. Aussi en vogue pour les selfies !
To be pleasant to look at, yet insincere; or honeyed. A "cul de poule mouth" is a mouth whose lips form a circle because the corners are relatively close together. In its figurative sense, this expression means that a person takes on a honeyed air, with the aim of knowing or obtaining something. Also trendy for selfies!
Avoir peur ou avoir froid. D'abord terme de médecine (XVIIe siècle), l'expression est ensuite entrée dans le langage courant pour signifier que l'on a peur ou que l'on a froid. En effet, quand on ressent ces émotions, les poils se hérissent, donnant à la peau l'aspect de celle d'une volaille que l'on aurait plumée.
To be afraid or to be cold. First term of medicine (17th century), the expression then entered everyday language to signify that we are afraid or that we are cold. Indeed, when we feel these emotions, the hairs stand on end, giving the skin the appearance of that of a fowl that we have plucked.


Pronunciation Workshop

Speak French like a native! Still some aspect of French pronunciation that elude you?

In this 5 session workshop, you will learn about the expression of emotions: enthusiasm, anger, surprise, indignation, satisfaction, and more.

Every other Saturday
April 10-June 5
10am - 12pm

You will also become familiar with the most common pronunciation mistakes students do, and you will improve your pronunciation through a series of practical dialogues.

Improve your listening comprehension, pronunciation, and ability to capture nuances in French

Discover the rhythm and musicality of French with les Fables de La Fontaine.

5 Mondays, April 26-May 24
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Manières de table : scènes de repas
dans le cinéma français

A course designed for foodies, cinephiles and all those interested in watching and discussing French films in their original language.

5 Wednesdays Apr 7-June 2

With its rules of etiquette, its pacing, its customs and traditions, the meal is as much a social ritual as a culinary practice. Through a selection of short clips drawn from contemporary French films, this conversation series will explore the nuances of French dining culture and what the way we eat says about us.


AF adores sharing our home with so many amazing arts organizations, from music to dance to theatre -- check out their summer opportunities! With 15 different art forms taught over a two-week session, CLARA Performing Arts Camp engages students in a wide selection of arts experiences they may not otherwise discover. 
Online Event
French Influence in West Africa:
A Brief History of Côte d'Ivoire

Sunday, April 25, 2021 @ 1:00pm

Lecture by Ghassane Habib. In English, followed by a Q&A
$10 for any AF Member; $20 Non-Member
Presented by the Alliance Française de Fresno
Nominations are now open for the Alliance Française de Sacramento’s Board of Directors. If you are passionate about our mission and are interested in becoming a part of our talented and dedicated leadership team, we want to hear from you! 

Board nominees must be members in good standing and be prepared to participate in approximately eight board meetings a year, assist with fundraising and events, and serve on at least one committee. The Nominating Committee will interview prospective candidates and recommend a slate of directors to the membership prior to our annual membership meeting, tentatively scheduled for early summer.

If you would like to nominate yourself or another person to be considered for the board, please send an email by Saturday, May 1 to If you are nominating yourself, explain why you wish to join the board and what experience and skills you would offer. If you are nominating someone else, share why you think the nominee would make a good board member. Please remember to include contact emails and phone numbers.

Teens: Come and join us for a fun conversation in French!

This informal French online conversation group is for teens aged 15-18, at high school level and looking to practice with other French speaking teens. This is the place to practice in a relaxing and fun atmosphere!

Vous vous préparez pour le baccalauréat International (BI) ou l’Advanced Placement (AP)? Ces conversations vous seront utiles!

Our next conversation
Wednesday April 14, 2021
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

It's FREE! Please register by 4 pm April 13.
The participation link will be sent once registration closes. À bientôt! 
Le Club des Bouquineurs
Next Meeting: Friday, April 16, 6-8pm

Le Club des Bouquineurs, meets every two months for two hours to discuss a book that the group has read.

Participants must be current AF Sacramento members or students
with a minimum of B1+ level in French.

Le prochain livre: L'Amas ardent (Yamen Manai, 2017) 217 pp.
Date: vendredi le 16 avril, 6-8 pm

To participate:
RSVP your name + level to
Login information to access the Club des Bouquineurs group
will be emailed to you.
Les Conversations du Jeudi
Thursdays 11am-12pm Via Zoom

Practice your speaking and listening skills, make new friends, and have fun!

AF Sacramento membership REQUIRED to join!

To participate:
RSVP your name to

Login information to access your virtual Conversations du Jeudi group
will be emailed to you.
Le Cercle du Lecteur
New 2021 Schedule

Débutant: Mondays, 4pm
(L'Enfant noir, by Camara Laye)
Intermédiaire: Thursdays, 5pm
(La nuit de feu, by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt)

All Alliance Française members and students are invited to a weekly reading group on Thursday evenings to practice reading out loud, listening, and conversing en français!

The goal is to have fun and comfortably grow our skills. All levels are welcome.
Participation is flexible: you can simply listen, or try a short reading.

AF Sacramento membership REQUIRED to join!

To participate:
RSVP your name + level to
Login information to access the Cercle du Lecteur group will be emailed to you.

Le coin des découvertes
À l'origine du coq, emblème national - #CulturePrime

Moqué par les uns, symbole de courage et de fierté pour les autres, comment le coq est-il devenu l'emblème populaire de la France ? Retour sur une histoire "...

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Jean-Philippe Rameau : La Poule - La Faunothèque

Comment s'y prendre pour mettre en musique le cri d'une Poule ? C'est le défi qu'a relevé Jean-Philippe Rameau en 1728. Une idée simple et efficace : reprodu...

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