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Samyama's Body Therapy Program
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Sharon Lindsay:
Yoga Therapy for Stress & Anxiety
Samyama is thrilled to welcome Sharon Lindsay to our therapy team. Sharon has been a therapist supporting adults and children for more than 20 years. This has included working in Canada as a Licensed Psychologist in educational and private practice settings. Since moving to California, Sharon has pursued both her private practice work and her personal and professional development. She took her love and study of Yoga, and began to explore the connection between being Embodied (connected to one's physical being) and healing mentally and emotionally. This led her to Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy training, which has been her pursuit and professional focus for the past 3 years.
Sharon's philosophy for healing:
"Bringing the body into emotional healing just makes sense. Our bodies are with us every step of every day of our lives; they hold stress, emotion, and trauma that we have yet to work through. As human beings we hold great personal wisdom that we can only access when we connect to ourselves in a holistic way - body, mind, and soul. That's the philosophy behind my practice "Threefold Therapy." Leaving the body out of therapy is like leaving an essential ingredient out of a recipe - it may still result in something but it's not nearly what it could be."
Joanne Brohmer has been Samyama's Reiki practitioner since our doors opened. Joanne now also offers Intuitive Healing . If you are uncertain of which direction to take in your life, Joanne may be able to help. Joanne is an empathic and intuitive reader who has worked as an intuitive for 15 years. As an energy worker she uses her keen sensitivity to discern the subtle layers of what may be happening in your body, your emotions and your life. She looks at your limiting beliefs and helps you shift perspective to find solutions that match your true essence. She leads you to a deeper awareness and helps you reclaim your voice. Joanne leaves you feeling grounded in your own power and insight. 
Paul Crowl offers Clinical Therapeutic Massage. Paul has been a massage practitioner for more than 20 years. He was formally trained at Cypress Health Institute in Santa Cruz, Ca in Swedish massage and Reflexology, and later studied the art of Deep Tissue bodywork with Michael DiBenedetto. His dedication to refining his craft and background in yoga and the healing arts lead him to being one of the more notable therapists in the Bay Area. With an intuitive touch and ability to read your breath, Paul will help you melt away tension and relieve unnecessary stress.
Coby Dulitzki is another new member of our Body Therapy Team. Coby offers Clinical Therapeutic Massage, Swedish Massage, Restorative Myofascial Release, Post-Surgical Treatment, Reiki, Trigger Point Therapy, Esalen-Style, Neuromuscular Facilitation, Prenatal and Sports Massage. New to the Bay Area, Coby is completing his premedical degree at Stanford . Back in Philadelphia, Coby ran a thriving massage practice out of another yoga studio, where he worked on clients with varying needs, ranging from regular maintenance and relaxation to treating conditions such as Parkinson’s, depression, PTSD, and Fibromyalgia. Delivering therapeutic bodywork within the context of a relaxing session, Coby integrates his technical knowledge and intuition of corrective techniques while eliciting a blissfully relaxing meditative state through the art of touch.
Devin Begley , our Sound Healer , combines breath work, sounding, tibetan bowls, tuning forks, acutonics and a gong bath to guide you towards increased inner awareness, physical and emotional release, movement of energy, nitric oxide production, and sublime relaxation. Like yoga, lines of connection will be made as your natural healing ability is triggered and the mind-body merges with harmonic vibration.
Eliot Steer is Samyama's Ayurvedic Practitioner . He trained under the mentorship of Dr. Vasant Lad in New Mexico and the Vasanta Institute of Ayurveda in Pune, India. Ayurvedic Medicine emphasizes health promotion and disease prevention using diet, lifestyle, herbal medicines, and cleansing protocols. It is an individualized system which seeks to find causes of imbalance in order to promote true health within the body and mind. Eliot's consultations include doshic evaluation (assessing ones constitutional type and current areas of imbalance) as well as providing recommendations. His consultations are free of charge. Eliot is completing a doctorate in Clinical Psychology with the intention of integrating Eastern medicine and spirituality within modern psychological care.
Elizabeth Heath, our therapy program manager, offers Therapeutic, Shiatsu and Thai massage. Her therapeutic work is inspired by Esalen and Lomi Lomi techniques and features long, strong runs along the length of the muscle fiber. Elizabeth’s Thai and Shiatsu work is structural, strong and profound. Thai Massage and Shiatsu are massage techniques experienced fully clothed and on a floor mat rather than a table. Thai Massage feels as though one is ‘receiving yoga’ as the body is stretched and counter balanced. Shiatsu is a pressure point massage based on the principles of acupuncture. Less dynamic and more passive that Thai Massage work, Shiatsu relaxes and releases the grip of tension.
A Look to the Future:
  • Beth Hinnen continues her exploration through the Sutras in April and May
  • Mimm Patterson brings Yin Yoga and SoulCollage® back in late April
  • Lorien Neargarder begins a 30-hour Yoga for Cancer Teacher Training in May - this training will offer 20 CEUs for RYTs and 30 CEUs for C-IAYTs.
  • Veterans Yoga Project returns with Mindful Resilience Teacher Training in September.

For details on all of these events visit our website.