Used Powder Milling, Mixing & Screening Equipment For Sale
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Stainless Steel Ribbon Mixer, 80 cubic feet capacity, trough measures 96" long X 40" wide x 44" deep, with stainless steel covers. Bottom of trough includes 7" diameter center bottom outlet, 48" off the ground. Design number 0118. Motor: 230/460 V, 60 Hz, Output RPM: 100; Ratio 17.5.101. Previously used at food processing facility.

Patterson-Kelley Conical Twin Shell Mixer, 75-cubic foot working capacity, 304 stainless steel contact parts, complete with (1) 18" ID product port with 4" camlock and 2" NPT fitting. Includes 10 HP drive, control panel. Complete with 2 stands. Serial number C42374. Mixer in excellent condition, last used in pharmaceutical process.

Alpine Pin Mill, Type A630Z. Unit is a Kolloplex stud mill with one rotating disc and one stationary disc. Rotor is 24" diameter within a 42" diameter chamber, carbon steel construction. Pins measures 3/8" diameter x 1-1/4" long. Driven by 100 HP motor with V-belt drive. Serial number 155057. Previously used in bakery operation. Good condition.

Fitzpatrick Model DASO6 Stainless Steel Hammer Mill, Mill is equipped with a 28" long x 20" wide x 4" deep feed pan, 6" wide x 4" high feed throat, 11" long x 6" wide blade chamber and (16) fixed knife/impact blades driven by 7.5 HP explosion-proof motor. Product discharge is 15.5" long x 5.75" wide with 34" floor clearance. Includes start / stop controls, mounted on (4) legs with casters. Serial Number 8511.

48" Diameter Single-Deck Sweco Screen, Model S48S88, Serial number C565120. Unit driven by 1 HP, 230/460 V, 3-phase, 60 Hz motor. Mounted on painted mild steel frame with footpads. Previously used in food operation and in good condition.

Stainless Steel Gyratory Screen, manufactured Allis Chalmers. Unit includes six (6) decks measuring 36" X 36". 10" oversize/undersize discharges with 10" top feed. Driven by 3 HP, 208-230/460V, 3/60Hz, 1766 RPM motor. Previously used in food operation and in good condition.

Powder Milling, Mixing, Screening & Handling Equipment Available:

S742032 Filler, Bag, Packer, Stoker, Mdl CR, C/st,
S744197 Hopper, 200 CF, S/st, 10' x 3'10 x 5'6, Auger Discharge
S744196 Hopper, 100 CF, S/st, 10' x 3'10 x 3', Auger Discharge
S744201 Hopper, 80 CF, S/st, 60 Dia. X 51, Airlock Valve
S744198 Hopper, 50 CF, S/st, 51 x 30 x 72, Cone Bottom,
S744199 Hopper, 50 CF, S/st, 51 x 30 x 72, Cone Bottom,
C741907 Mill, Attrition, 16, Krupp, Mdl 16409, 5 HP,
S734596 Mill, Cage, 24, 2 Row, (2) 5 HP, C/st,
A743037 Mill, Hammer, 500 HP, Schutte Buffalo, 1800 RPM
Z478330 Mill, Hammer, 30 X 12, C/st, Less motor,
S742030 Mill, Hammer, 18 Dia, Jacobson, Air Swept, 50 HP,
S742028 Mill, Hammer, 18 Dia, Jacobson, Air Swept, 50 HP,
S735102 Mill, Hammer, 18 Dia., C/st, 60 HP
S740451 Mill, Hammer, 16 Dia, Schutz O'Neil, Air Swept, 50 HP,
S470685 Mill, Hammer, Fitz, DASO-6, S/st, 15 HP,
S743828 Mill, Hammer, Fitz, Mdl DASO6, S/st, 7.5 HP, XP
S741448 Mill, Hammer, Mikro Pulv, Mdl 1SH, C/st, 5 Hp,
C741908 Mill, Hammer, Schutz O'Neil, Mdl 422222, Air Swept, 100 HP,
C741915 Mill, Lump Breaker, 36 x 30 x 20, S/st, Cage Mill, 5 HP,
S744164 Mill, Pin, Mdl A630Z, C/st, 100 HP, 8 TPH
S743985 Mixer, Conical, 3D, Kodi, Mdl SYH-600, 7.5 HP
S742540 Mixer, Conical, 350 CF, S/st, William Boulton,
S741479 Mixer, Conical, 250 CF, Tolan, S/st, Slant Cone, 25 HP,
S741477 Mixer, Conical, 250 CF, S/st, Slant Cone, 25 HP,
S741455 Mixer, Conical, 100 CF, 304 S/st, Gemco, 7.5 HP,
S742741 Mixer, Conical, 75 CF, 304 S/st, Patterson-Kelley, No Bar,
S744163 Mixer, Paddle, 18 CF, S/st, APS, Mdl FZM-18-H, 10 HP
S741742 Mixer, Paddle, 5 CF, Winkworth, Mdl RT80, Plow Mixer,
C740472 Mixer, Paddle, 4.3 CF, S/st, Forberg, Paul O Abbe, AFD-120
C743864 Mixer, Ribbon, 190 CF, C/St, 20 HP, Scott, Hopper,
S742904 Mixer, Ribbon, 87 CF, S/st, Strong Scott
S744185 Mixer, Ribbon, 80 CF, S/st, Double Ribbon
S741694 Mixer, Ribbon, 75 CF, C/St, Scott, Hopper, Dust Collector,
S743122 Mixer, Ribbon, 30 CF, S/st, Hayes & Stoltz, 10 HP,
S741657 Mixer, Ribbon, 5 CF, 304 S/st, 3 HP, New, Std, S741657
S741446 Mixer, V-Type, 100 CF, 316 S/st, PK, 15 HP,
S741447 Mixer, V-Type, 50 CF, 304 S/st, PK, 5 HP,
S744184 Mixer, V-Type, 20 CF, S/st, PK, 70 Lbs/CF
S742027 Screen, Gyratory, 36 X 36, S/st, 6-Deck, 3 HP
S744202 Screen, Rotary, 12 x 22, Kason, mdl KC 1256
S744108 Screen, Rotary, 12 x 30, Kason, Mdl YO-3BR SS/SA, 7.5 HP
S742288 Screen, Rotary, 10 X 24, Kason, S/st, Mdl M0-SS, 3 HP,
S739092 Screen, Rotary, Kice, 16 x 36, Mdl EA-36, 1/2 Hp
C741916 Screen, Rotex, 40 x 10', S/st, Single Deck, Mdl 42A-AL/SS
S739758 Screen, Sifter, Gump, 28, Double Deck,
S664635 Screen, Sifter, Gump, CP-43, S/st, Pressure, 48,
S738299 Screen, Sifter, Pfening, 30, S/st, 1 HP, Flour,
S744102 Screen, Sifter, Pfening, 30, S/st, Flour, 2 HP,
S743847 Screen, Sifter, S/st, Triple Deck, Portable, 17 Dia
S744104 Screen, Sweco, 48, C/st, Double, Mdl S48C55S8,
S744103 Screen, Sweco, 48, C/st, Double, Mdl S48C55S8,
S741306 Screen, Sweco, 48, S/st, Single, 2.5 HP, Kason,
S740848 Screen, Sweco, 48, S/st, Single Deck, Midwestern, 3 HP
C744179 Screen, Sweco, 48, Single, S/st, 1 HP
S742945 Screen, Sweco, 30, C/st, Single, Dust Cover, Midwestern
S742946 Screen, Sweco, 30, C/st, Single, Midwestern, Dust Cover
S743592 Screen, Sweco, 18, 304 S/st, Single Deck