Hello Power Families,

We hope you all are staying healthy and positive during these unprecedented times. Chris and I are working daily to try and figure out answers to many of your questions regarding club volleyball this season. As you all know the situation is extremely dynamic and requires many pieces to work together.

Below you will find sections outlining dates for rescheduled events (Show Me NQ) that we have received confirmation on. There are few major puzzle pieces missing before we can determine a start date that we can resume our activities.

There is also a FAQ section that will hopefully answer a few more questions that you may have. We miss you all and cannot wait for the day that we move past this shutdown and get back to having fun with our volleyball family.

Much Love,
Tony and Chris
Dates For Rescheduled Events!
Below is a tentative tournament schedule for the remaining events left in the club season. This is subject to change, but wanted to get you all some sort of schedule for planning purposes.
June 19th: Club Banquet Rescheduled
Important Updates and FAQ
Is the season over?
As of right now, no way! We are planning to resume some activity after the USAV restrictions are lifted, while still following local government restrictions. We are working with USAV and other clubs around the country to make sure this season will continue as soon as it is safe. It may not look like every other season, but there will be more volleyball to come.
We are working daily to secure spots in postponed and rescheduled events. Obviously, no one knows the exact day that volleyball activities will resume. We are trying to replace as many missed events as possible given the calendar and unknown restart date.
We are hoping to resume tournaments sometime in May, with events continuing into June and possibly July,

It is our intention to offer and schedule the same amount of practice times and tournaments that each team had left before the shutdown occurred.

When will the season resume?
All practices, lessons, tournaments, training, and programming through Power Volleyball have been canceled until May 8th . USA Volleyball has eliminated the sanctioning of all USAV events including but not limited to events, practices, individual training sessions or anything covered by USA Volleyball insurance. 
We will not practice prior to May 8th, unless USA Volleyball restrictions change. We will evaluate when to start practices at that time and will adhere to citywide gathering restrictions.

What should we be doing during the restriction period?
We want all of our athletes to stay active and get out and play! All you need is a ball and some personal space. Use the wall, grab a family member, whatever it takes to get those touches in. Or get a workout in however you can. There's no wrong way to keep yourself ready to go. We highly encourage all teams to stay connected through social media platforms or by using zoom meetings.

Send us videos of how you're staying ready and we'll share them on our social media! Email videos to  director@powervolleyballclub.com  or  DM us on Instagram.

Will I receive a refund?
CLUB PLAYER DUES: Unfortunately, there will be a financial impact as a result of COVID-19, and our goal is to mitigate the impact between the club, staff, coaches and families.
At this time, we have pushed current payments to May. We will reevaluate the situation and payment schedule in May when we have a better idea about when we can resume training and what the new schedule will look like. 

CAMP/CLINIC/PROGRAM REGISTRATION: We will offer credits for future camps and clinics for programs that were ENTIRELY canceled.

Will there be a banquet this year?
Yes, the date has been rescheduled to June 19th. We would love to see everyone attend :)

Club Photos?
They are complete, but due to the recent shutdown we will deliver photos to you all once we are able to resume activities.

Club Banquet Has Been Rescheduled
We are s o excited to celebrate the end of a spectacular season with you at the Power Volleyball End of Season Banquet!!
Due to the covid-19 we have rescheduled the banquet to June 19th , from 7:00-11:00 at Aristide in McKinney located, at 6200 TPC Dr. McKinney, TX.
Tickets are $50 for Parents, Family, and Friends. The more the merrier!
$25 for Children 12 and Under
Players are Free! 
*players must still register using link below
We are needing help in getting banquet plans going for the end of season party. Please reach out to Chris Finseth to express your interest.

Chris@powervolleyballclub.com or 469-371-6573

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