A message from the UUA:
The Promise and the Practice of Our Faith for 
Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU)

Imagine what our faith would look like if we upheld and centered the history, the perspectives, the voices, and the leadership of Black Lives of Unitarian Universalists...

The Promise and the Practice of Our Faith Campaign is our opportunity to take the lead as a faith denomination in addressing our history of upholding white supremacy. Together, we can collectively work to dismantle it and amend a long broken promise to the Black Lives within our Association.

Join our Association of Congregations as we do something different in this extraordinary moment to connect our finances with our theological values as we enter a new chapter within our faith.

Congregations are asked to join in the Promise and the Practice of Our Faith by engaging in the following opportunities: 
  • Make a financial commitment in our support to BLUU that is transformational and inspirational which helps fulfill our $1 million match opportunity (double the impact of your contribution by meeting the threshold of $10 per certified member, or however you count the souls you serve).
  • Make a long-term commitment to dismantling white supremacy, racism and oppression from within our denomination and beyond, and uplifting the Black Lives, Voices, and Leadership of Unitarian Universalism.
This is our time to be Bold, Radical, and Transformational as we commit to nurture a radically inclusive, justice centered, multiracial and multigenerational religious faith!

Join us this Sunday at 10:30 am
November 12, 2017
The Promise and the Practice     
Rev. Virginia & Friends

Today, we will explore the past and present of Black Lives in Unitarian Universalism and commit ourselves to centering their voices, and creating more justice. This month's Share the Plate is dedicated to BLUU. In addition, your dedicated donations for BLUU will be gathered in a special collection today. Or checks can be sent to the UUCMC to meet this important commitment to our faith. Please mark the memo: 'dedicated to BLUU'.

Music by Roots & Wings Drum Choir, Core of Fire, 
and Louise Chernosky.

Find out more at uucmc.org