For 250 years this simple ground has been the container for a beautiful idea.
As the birthplace of Universalism in America, Murray Grove stands for:
Love that won't let you down
Love that won't let you go
Love that won't let you off.
Another way to say this is that as Unitarian Universalists it is our job to
love the hell out of this world.
And the world is looking rather hellish these days.
There is never a lack of work to be done for a UU.

What is your loving work to do today?

Join us Sunday
October 4, 2020
to celebrate with Murray Grove:

250 Years of Universalist Heritage
and Its Meaning for Our Time
Rev. Justin Schroeder, First Universalist Church of Minneapolis

Please note this change in our usual schedule:

Community hour starts at 10am.
This shared service livestreams at 11am.

Service link will be sent out Saturday evening.
A service recording will be made available at a later time.