Faced with so much pain and cruelty in this world I wish I could pray the kind of prayers that are answered. Imagine, a plea for more compassion for those who are suffering would actually create their ease and relief. A plea for justice would be answered with real fairness and impartiality. Love would be concrete and evident everywhere. Our songs, our pleas and our quiet longings are forms of prayer waiting to be heard, waiting (and waiting) for answers.

What is your plea today?
And, who will answer?


May 20, 2018

Song and Spirit: Psalms for Today  
Music Sunday

The biblical Psalms span a broad range of human emotions: from joy and exultation, to lament and doubt, to exile and revenge, to peace and resolution. Though they originated as religious songs, their emphasis on messy human experience resonates today. The UU Singers and chamber orchestra will offer a Hebrew setting of Psalm 150, a reggae-influenced version of “By The Rivers of Babylon,” Bobby McFerrin’s 23rd Psalm, and Telemann’s setting of Psalm 117.
Music by UU Singers, Chamber Orchestra, and Louise Chernosky.