Just saying the word 'persistence' my jaw tightens.
A stubborn rootedness holds my feet to the ground.
It readies me for one more push,
One more forward motion.
Like a drumbeat that will not let up or let go.
We persist, we persevere, and we step out.
I pray that the hand that pushes me
is that enduring Love that will not let us go.

Join us this Sunday
February 4, 2018

Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst
Perseverance, persistence... These are stubborn things. There are obstacles to overcome, a long road ahead, and human vulnerability to contend with. What makes you persist despite these long odds? What or who endures?

Music by Thomas Cannizzaro, Dan Chernosky, Louise Chernosky, Steve Cook, Joel DeWitt, Paul Sherman, Craig Sunada, Paul Vallin.