We live on the edge of wonder,
Stirring deep beneath our feet,
Running through our winter weary veins.
Look up!

There is an urge to wander.

Do you feel it yet?
Do you hear its call?
Perhaps in the hunt for it
Our disbelieving eyes will see the signs.
Life emerges. Wandering, our wonder answers.

The woods behind the meeting house are calling to me. Right now, while Spring breaks through the remains of Winter, before the bugs and undergrowth take over, seems like the perfect moment to go exploring in our woods. Who knows what we will discover! 

You are invited to a family walk in the UUCMC woods this Sunday, April 1 at Noon. We'll begin behind Edgewood House and plan to return within an hour. Wear waterproof shoes, appropriate clothing and be ready for an adventure! 

        April 1, 2018           
Oh Joy! : An Easter Sunday Multigenerational Celebration
Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst and Michelle McKenzie-Creech
Is it Spring or all the hope and new possibility of redemption and renewal that lifts us up this day? The message of Easter echoes in the flowers, the fancy clothes and of course our annual Egg Hunt for the children. 
Music by the UU Singers, the Chalice Singers and Louise Chernosky.