The kinds of hope that Unitarian Universalists name and celebrate are rarely other-worldly. Our hope is for this world, this place we live right now. And for a better tomorrow, a more loving, just and beautiful world for now and for the generations to come. Progressive ideas lean forward like that. They rest in a belief that the best within us that is still emerging. Sadly, we have a long way to go before those better angels of our nature create heaven here on Earth, though. Some days, it is hard to remain optimistic. Generating hope is not about ignoring the hurt and horror but calling each other to do better.

What calls you toward hope?
Can you bring some of that with you this Sunday?

September 30, 2018

UU Theologies Series: A House for Hope 
Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst
This year, I am challenging us all to learn more about the many UU ways of talking about god or good, matters of worth, and systems of meaning making. This first in the series will reflect on Progressive Theology and how it differs from a conservative view. Can you say ontology, epistemology, cosmology, soteriology, and eschatology?

Music by UU Singers, Thomas Cannizzaro, Louise Chernosky.