What will mess you up most in life is the picture in your head
of how it is supposed to be.       ~ Unknown

It is time for me to get my vision tested. Every 2-3 years, some things gets fuzzier and some things gets clearer. Such is the life of the near-sighted. I am grateful for the corrections! When it comes to being far-sighted though, regular check-ups are not as effective. Looking into the future is discomforting. It is a mix of joyful anticipation along with a little fear.
I wonder:
How will time and experience affect the future I imagine?
Will this congregation and Unitarian Universalism adapt
to an unknown and ever-changing future?
What are the limitations, and what are the possibilities?


September 23, 2018
           Just As Far As the Eye Can See              
Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst

What we see and understand with eyes and mind always has limits.  Our perceptions are colored by our experience we see through different lenses. How can we really see around the next bend or beyond our very human limitations?  What is our vision?
Music by Jan Dash, Joel DeWitt and Core of Fire.