The life and ministry of Dr. Martin Luther King inspires us to think of others rather than just ourselves. What might my neighbor need? What wounds might be soothed with my attention and presence? How can I be of help?

The answer you give will shape us all.  Being of service in whatever way is possible for you puts the needs of others, and the needs of the whole above your own for a moment.  Being of service connects you to greater meaning and to your own beloved community.

How can you be of service now?
January 20, 2019

Becoming Fearless in the Eye of the Storm    
Dr. Myra Zinke Women’s Lecture guest speaker, Gilda Rogers

Becoming. I was struck by the title of Michelle Obama’s NY Times Bestseller, and it made me think about all the women I’ve come to admire for their courage. How did they become who they are? As women today, we are fortunate to witness our ascension as a collective force, but frankly, we need to pay homage to our journey, fraught with life and death circumstances. We have arrived as the movers and shakers of our time, and we must embrace the fullness of life and its magnificent rainbow of colors, open our hearts and pull a chair up to the table to be about the business of Becoming Fearless in the Eye of the Storm!
Music by UU Singers, Louise Chernosky.

Gilda Rogers is an award-winning journalist and author of the recently released book, Out of the Ashes Came Hope: A Memoir of Monsignor William J. Linder, the founder of New Community Corporation, in Newark, NJ. Gilda is an executive producer and one of the playwrights of “SUPERNATURAL: THE PLAY”. She is also the community relations liaison for Two River Theater and serves as VP of the T. Thomas Fortune Foundation, the organization that saved and preserved the National Historic Landmark located in
Red Bank, NJ.

Today is UUCMC’s Day of Service! Plan to stay for lunch and to participate in service projects this afternoon. All are welcome to participate in whatever way is possible for you!

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