Have you chosen your word for the year yet?
The idea is to keep one word close to reflect on all year long.

Then go where it takes you.

A few ideas:
Slow, Together, Change, Faith, Transition, Grace, No, Thrive, Adapt, Different, Finish, Trust, Choose, Truth, Create, Perspective, Uplift, Health, Adventure, Shine, Open, Ambition, Progress, Appreciate, Today, Release, Celebrate, Discover, Empower, Courage, Commit, Optimism, Diligence, Forward, Persistence, Believe, Rebuilding, Focus, Organize, Stewardship, Selah, Battle, Pause, Push, Curious, Determined, Live, Possibility, Simplify, Present, Awake, Joy, Unstoppable, Enjoy, Ignite, Mindfulness, Risk, Love, Reduce, Brave, New, Fortitude, Transformation, Embrace, Action, Relax, Invest, Freedom, Revel, Direction, Connect, Balance, Peace, More, Confidence, Purpose, Imagine, Learn, Soar, Be, Opportunity, Write, Breathe, Generous, Reflection, Sacrifice, Growth, Momentum, Strength, Silence, Dare, Integrity, Minimize, Resolve, Relentless, Listen
January 6, 2019

Let It Be A Dance            
Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst & Core of Fire

A New Year comes with all kinds of possibility. How should we prepare ourselves for the dance of it? “Through the good times and the bad, let it be a dance.” With Core of Fire’s help we will find out.
Music by Core of Fire and Louise Chernosky.

As is their tradition, Core of Fire invites anyone who would like to dance “Let It Be” with us in the service to join us to practice at 9:30am before the service.
Core of Fire is an interfaith dance ministry. “We are women of significance who have created an intentional community of faith and spirituality, working in the areas of social justice and healing through dance."