What flower or weed or road side grass will you bring to this communion? 

This community, this random arrangement of human growing and becoming called a congregation, is not complete without your weedy and wild, or carefully cultivated, offering. Bring who you are right now. Bring your hopes and your struggles. Bring your compassion and your sorrow. 

All will be a blessing. And all will come away blessed.

June 10, 2018

Flower Communion Sunday: So Many Blessings     
Michelle, Rev. Virginia and all

Today is our annual multigenerational celebration of the many blessings we share within our community. As part of this celebration, we will welcome this year’s new UUCMC Members. Please bring a flower to share for Flower Communion. If your garden overflows, bring some extras for those who might forget.

Music by UU Singers, Thomas Cannizarro, Steve Cook, Tara Lieneck,
Aron Topielski, Louise Chernosky.