The world is so heavy.
Our worries are so large.

Why bother lifting up a bow or bauble for all to enjoy?
Because there is still joy in creating celebrations together.
Joy is the point of all the struggle.
Do not give up on joy!


December 16, 2018

                       A Ceremony of Carols                      
Treble Singers, Elaine Held, Louise Chernosky

The Treble Singers invite you to a special musical service featuring “A Ceremony of Carols” by Benjamin Britten. The composer was inspired by short Latin chants and Medieval poetry from “The English Galaxy of Shorter Poems,” and his musical settings range from solemn, to sweet, to passionately fierce, to joyful. Please join us as we explore the mystery of Christmas through song. Can we hear echoes of ancient wonder today?

Music by Treble Singers, Elaine Held, Louise Chernosky, with guest soloists Kirsten Norberg (soprano) and Diane Michaels (harp).