Life is beautiful
Sometime's life is scary
and that's okay
Sometimes life can be sad
That's okay too
Life has it's ups
and it has it's downs
Never give up
Life is beautiful 
We can do amazing things
You can make a difference
Learn everything
Be adventurous
Be heard
Make your mark
We're in this together
The road is long
But we'll make it
Love each other
Love yourself
Turn off your devices
Be free
Be yourself
Life is beautiful
and so are you

Join us this Sunday
February 18, 2018

Live, Lau gh, Love: A Multigenerational Service 
Michelle McKenzie-Creech, CDRE 

Whether walking the aisles of Home Goods, Target, or the waiting room at the doctor's office, you are likely to come across the phrase, Live, Laugh, Love. The saying reminds us what is important in life. We will delve into the expression and reflect on its meaning, learn about its origins and covenant with ourselves to live well, laugh often and to love greatly. 
Music by UU Singers and Louise Chernosky.