Sligo Church's Weekly Newsletter | October 4th, 2018
Power and More Of It!
Greetings! Over the past few weeks, our country has had to endure one of its most divisive times in recent history, as the president’s nominee for the Supreme Court has fallen under close scrutiny. Of course, an event such as this can never... (CONTINUE READING)

A Journey Through The Book of Revelation
Join Sligo Church and Pastor Charles A. Tapp as he continues to deliver a fall series on Revelation. Be ready to see Revelation from a different perspective. Pastor Tapp's next message is entitled, "Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire." Invite your friends and family to hear this series in person!

News To Think About
Official Statement: An Appeal from the Columbia Union...

October 2, 2018 An Appeal from the Columbia Union Conference Executive Committee The General Conference Administrative Committee's proposed new system of committees to assure compliance and uniformity within the global church will not result in...

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A Statement from the Women Clergy of the Seventh-day...

Editor's Note: On October 3, 2018, a statement was published to the NAD Ministerial website from Seventh-day Adventist Women Clergy concerning the upcoming Annual Council 2018. That statement follows in its entirety: In anticipation of the...

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Upcoming Items of Interest

Two events in the Seventh-day Church are converging this fall: the Sabbath School lesson series on "Oneness in Christ," and what might be a historic Annual Council in Battle Creek, commencing October 11. Unity is the focus of the lessons, and the threat to unity undergirds a key agenda item of the Annual Council. Many are saying--and many more are thinking--that the unity of the church was never under greater threat than it is now. 

Dr. Roy Adams will discuss issues of unity arising from the Sabbath School lessons, and reflect on a draconian document related to women's ordination and slated for a vote at Annual Council. If approved, this document might have serious repercussions for the 
unity of the church. 

Roy Adams has traveled around the world, serving in ministry as a colporteur, pastor, and professor, fueled by his passion for making theology accessible to people. Roy has authored several books and, before retiring, was the associate editor of the Adventist Review. Roy and Celia, his wife of more than 40 years, currently live in Maryland.

Join our youth worship service at 11:15am in the youth room. Our theme is: Pay Attention To Who You Listen To. Our main verse for this Underground is: "The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice. Proverbs 12:15 NIV."

Inviting Kids (grades 5-8) to our pre-teen and earliteen church this Sabbath from 11am to 12:30pm in the Memorial Chapel. S.W.A.G. is dedicated to helping children successfully navigate the journey from adolescents to teenagers, while developing adoration for God.

Our theme is: "Dare To Be You"
Lift Your Voice, Use Your God-given Talent.
"The Sligo Music Ministry invites all those with a heart for worship and a passion for music ministry to join one of our many music ensembles! 

Our Sanctuary Choir rehearses each Wednesday evening in the Choir Room, commencing at 8pm. Our other singing groups include the Sligo Men's Chorale, the Sligo Singers - our contemporary music ensemble, and the Sligo Children's Choir for our young ones. 

If you play a musical instrument, then the Sligo Strings may be just for you! Open to all instrumentalists: Strings, Brass, and Woodwinds."
NIGHT OF HOPE - Oct 26th @ 7pm
It's in the headlines; it's sometimes in our own personal stories. It is the feeling that everything is falling apart and out of our control. But there's ALWAYS hope, and SOMEONE who is holding it all together.

Maybe you or someone you know needs that reminder. That's why we're inviting you to join us for WGTS 91.9's Night of Hope. It's a chance to reclaim your purpose, and discover the joy God has in store for your life.

This special one-night event will be led by acclaimed worship leader Meredith Andrews (Open Up the Heavens, Deeper, and many others).
Sligo Church Partners with WGTS Prayer Works!

Are you compassionate about the needs of others? Is prayer your ministry? If so, please join our Prayer Gathering Ministry as we partner with WGTS Prayer Works! to pray for our community.

Please contact Pr. Cheryl Wilson-Bridges at   if you are willing and able to participate.
Join us each Wednesday evening!
A Bible Study for Kids Every Sabbath

There is now a Bible Study each Sabbath for kids ages 7-10. It is led by Pastor Gerry Lopez from 1-1:45pm in the Sligo Church Discipleship Room. Don't forget your bible!

To get more information, contact Pastor Gerry at
This Sabbath:
Speaker for First and Second Services:
Pastor Charles Tapp

"Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire"


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