~ June 17, 2021 ~
Seven Pillars Institute: Lucas Tse
"On what values are impact metrics premised? How do quantitative and qualitative aspects of impact interact? What does impact have to do with moral rightness?” (part of the Impact Investing Series)
Time: Matthew Barzun
What management concepts "can help us with many of our current challenges of leadership, like how to distribute power, navigate uncertainty, and make diversity a valuable asset”? Ideas from a woman Peter Drucker called “the brightest star in the management firmament." (also see What Business Leaders Can Learn From An Indigenous Worldview)
Rolling Stone: Tessa Stuart
Pink-washing, green-washing, rainbow-washing: What needs to change for the costs of corporate hypocrisy to outweigh the benefits? (also see Companies Making Juneteenth A Paid Holiday Say It's The Right Thing To Do)
Fast Company: Steve Fechheimer
The time to plan is now: "As we say in the beer industry, this is the 'last call.' So how can businesses catch up?” (also see PG&E’s New Boss Is an Ex-Climate Denier Now Tackling Warming)
Harvard Business Review: Celia Bravard, John Pontillo, Andrew Hoffman
How can students go on to "create real change while working in a corporate world that’s mostly stuck in outdated business models?” And is business education ready for tomorrow’s big challenges?
Bloomberg: Chris Stokel-Walker
“What the pandemic has done is free up space for innovation”: What elements of the new normal are likely to stick?
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