January 2020 Newsletter
Power/mation is an Automation Elite Distribution Partner of Phoenix Contact. For our customers this means we can do more for you. Power/mation has a dedicated Phoenix Contact specialist on staff to enhance your access to Phoenix Contact products, support and events. Want to get started? Contact your Power/mation Sales Representative or email us at contact@powermation.com.
Phoenix Contact Receives IT Security Certification.

Phoenix Contact is the first-ever company in Germany to have been certified by the TÜV Süd certification body for its work in the field of security.

Read more in The Phoenix Contact Innovation Magazine article, Security, Signed and Sealed.

To learn more about the latest secure products from Phoenix Contact such as the mGuard, PLCnext or TC Router contact your Power/mation Sales Representative
Mini slide DGST

The most compact slide actuator on the market featuring integrated pneumatic shock absorbers and sensor holders with integrated base cushioning. And best of all - slide and yoke comprise one single part with torsion-resistance and unrivaled precision.

Visit the Festo site or download the brochure to the right for more info. Watch the clip below for a full rundown of the technology.
Horner Micro OCS - Micro, but Mighty

Horner Automation Group has just unveiled their standard-setting, entry level series of all-in-one control systems available with 2”, 4” and 7” screens. Ideal for any simple application, the Micro OCS controllers can perform in multiple industries from water treatment, to food processing, to HVAC/Environmental control and many others. The Micro OCS controllers are one of the best deals on the market with all the function capabilities along with Horner’s FREE companion programming software, Cscape. See the full product line at the Horner Automation website.

Training Sessions

If you're an advanced user or looking to increase your Horner knowledge, now is a great time to check out standard and advanced OCS training at Horner HQ in Indianapolis. Click for the Training Schedule. Power/mation also offers an All-in-One Solutions Horner training. See the Power/mation Training Calendar or contact us to set up your own on-demand training session today.
ABB Enables 3D Printing via RobotStudio® for Faster Digital Manufacturing

ABB is introducing 3D printing capabilities to its RobotStudio simulation and offline programming software, which will enable users to program ABB robots for additive manufacturing in just 30 minutes.

Read more from ABB.
Bright, High Quality Strip Light for Premium Illumination and Indication

Banner is expanding its offering of the WLS27 Series Strip Light to include programmable models with RGBW LEDs for use in indication, illumination and inspection applications. These new models will be programmable with Banner’s Pro Editor software or IO-Link communication.

Learn more from Banner Engineering .
PS+ Pressure Sensors

The PS+ series pressure sensor is a fully programmable pressure sensor that offers a local display as well as electrical outputs to provide critical feedback to a control system.

Check out the brochure from Turck .
Fortress Logo
ASRS Safety Standards

Click the image at the right for an expanded view of how you can implement the ASRS safety standards into your application.

Talk to your sales rep to get started with amGard pro products from Fortress Interlocks.
Introducing: Data Collection Cloud

We are proud to announce the new Secomea Data Collection Cloud (DCC). The new DCC solution completes the Remote Maintenance Circle and positions Secomea as a provider of corrective, preventive and predictive data to ensure safe and efficient productivity.

Learn more about the DCC  here .
PLCopen ® Motion Control now Available for Control Techniques AC and Servo Drives

PLCopen ® is an international standardization organization that publishes standards for motion control function blocks for use in PLC programs and is familiar to many motion control specialists.

Read more from Control Techniques.

Versatile Non-Metallic Enclosure Modification Options

Stahlin offers a full suite of color and graphical modifications to their offering of non-metallic enclosures. Together with Power/mation Solutions Group, you have access to the ability to customize a non-metallic enclosure to nearly any specification. Inquire with your Power/mation Sales Representative and visit Stahlin to learn more.
Updated for 2020
Power/mation conducts customer training sessions and participates in relevant trade shows on a regular basis. Check out our website to see a complete list of our upcoming schedule and to register.

New for 2020 - Power/mation will now offer on-demand training courses from our existing offering for small groups. If your team is interested in a session, visit our Training & Events page for more details.
Visit the Power/mation Customer Portal to browse our online product catalog and monitor your orders.

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January Price Adjustments
ABB Drives (1/1/20)
Adalet (1/1/20)
Allied Moulded (1/1/20)
Ametek (1/1/20)
Eaton (1/1/20)
Elwood Motors (1/1/20)
Encoder Products Company (1/1/20)
Eurotherm (1/1/20)
Nexen (1/1/20)
Noshok (1/1/20)
Rees (1/1/20)
Tolomatic (1/1/20)
Transcoil (1/1/20)
Watlow (1/1/20)
Werma (1/1/20)
Red Lion (1/6/20)
Magpowr (1/15/20)
Phoenix (1/30/20)

February Price Adjustments
Crouzet (2/1/20)
SSAC Littelfuse (2/1/20)
Emerson (2/3/20)
Inertia Dynamics (2/3/20)
Warner Electric (2/3/20)
ABB ELIS (2/7/20)
ABB Installation (2/10/20)

March Price Adjustments
Control Concepts (3/1/20)