July 2017 Newsletter
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Saving Space, Time and Money

The new FL WLAN 1101 wireless module from Phoenix Contact combines Access Point and antenna technology in a single housing. In contrast to a standard DIN rail-mounted WLAN module, it is mounted like an antenna directly to  the machine, mobile vehicle, or control cabinet, saving space within the cabinet.

Two internal high-performance antennas with multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) technology provide reliable coverage. This eliminates the cost of external antenna systems and simplifies the WLAN connection to the machine. There is no need for expensive WLAN planning or installation of antenna technology. 

Because the WLAN 1101 does not occupy space in the control cabinet, it is simple to retrofit. It is mounted using single-hole assembly connected to the system via standard power and RJ45 Ethernet connectors.

The WLAN 1101 is designed for industrial environments. It is shock-proof, according to IK08, so it can even withstand strong mechanical loads. Communication between humans and machines is becoming more and more vital to the industry, so having a fast and stable wireless reception is crucial.

New WLS15, Low Profile Design and Rugged Build

The new WLS15 from Banner Engineering is a professional grade LED strip light that makes it easy and very cost-effective to illuminate equipment and work spaces for improved efficiency, productivity and safety. It installs in just a few minutes and has a sleek, low-profile design that fits into very tight spaces. Once installed, the WLS15 will provide years of bright, even illumination with no hot spots.

New M12 PNP to NPN Cordset

Turck is now offering customers an M12 PNP to NPN converter cable for use with normally open sensors, providing users with a simple and quick solution for applications needing to convert a PNP output to an NPN signal. In many cases, the M12 PNP to NPN converter cable can allow users to reduce inventory, as it eliminates the need for NPN sensors to be used in addition to PNP sensors. Additionally, it provides users with an all-in-one solution with no external circuitry required.

More details.

IRB 260, The Packing Robot

The IRB 260 is designed and optimized primarily for packing applications. It is built to meet your reach and payload requirements whilst being small enough to fit into compact packing machines. Combined with ABB motion control and tracking performance, the robot is ideal in flexible packing systems.

Read more here.

Euchner's CET-AR Category 4
Euchner's CET-AR Category 4, Non-Contact Safety Switches are used to monitor the position of movable machine guarding by means of Inductive Coding. These systems are designed for use in areas where a high level of tamper resistance and safety is required. These systems feature an inductive read head with integral evaluation unit / safety module, and a digitally coded actuator. Unlike universally coded magnetic switches, the CES actuators are uniquely coded and cannot be bypassed by any means. The safety switch CET-AR with guard locking is based on the proven transponder principle. The CET-AR has an integrated evaluation module making it a complete package.  

New Tension Sensing Roller Series

MAGPOWR recently launched two tension sensing roller series. These rollers are idler rollers with load cells embedded inside to measure tension. They are available as cantilevered rollers (CSR) and as dead shaft idlers supported on both sides (ISR). These new products are faster, easier and less expensive to install than a separate roll and tension sensors.

Power/mation conducts customer training sessions and participates in relevant trade shows on a regular basis. Check out our website to see a complete list of our upcoming schedule and to register.

Fee: $495
  • August 9-10 in St. Paul, MN

Fee: $250
  • September 13 in St. Paul, MN
  • October 4 in Pewaukee, WI

Fee: $250
  • September 13 in St. Paul, MN
  • October 5 in Pewaukee, WI

As of July 5, 2017, Power/mation purchased Electrical Mechanical Drives (EMD) of Grafton, WI. Gary Laev, owner of EMD and Tim York, President of Power/mation agree that this acquisition is a good fit for both companies. Similar to Power/mation, EMD has made shifts from initially being a rep firm for motor products to ultimately being an AHTD (Association for High Technology Distribution) distributor of motion control products. We believe that EMD’s core competencies in motion control and mechanical applications along with our strong solution and product support, will offer customers access to an expanded product and service offering.

Congratulations to Jake Wanha on his much deserved promotion to Senior Material Specialist/Driver in the St. Paul Warehouse!

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