June 2017 Newsletter
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Rittal Climate Control

There are 3 key phrases to creating effective and energy-efficient climate control solutions for your applications: design, installation and operation. Let Power/mation and Rittal help you with your climate control applications!

Download Rittal's FREE white paper to read about tips for cooling enclosures that can reduce energy consumption and save you money. This white paper will help you make educated decisions as you move forward in this area of operations.

EdgeScout and Banner Engineering - Complete Solutions from the Sensor to the Cloud

Combining Banner Engineering's smart sensors and wireless technology with EdgeScout's industrial remote monitoring system provides complete solutions for:

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Solutions

Banner® DXM100 is an industrial wireless controller that interfaces with wired and wireless sensors for monitoring vibration, temperature, humidity, tank level, and more. The DXM100 collects data and pushes it securely to RRAMAC's EdgeScout. The EdgeScout solution provides customers with custom web dashboards, historical trends, smartphone apps, text and email alerts, push notifications, and customer reports. The DXM100 sensor and EdgeScout monitoring is plug and play ready for quick and easy installation and set-up. 

Sensor to the Cloud solutions from Banner Engineering and RRAMAC will allow industrial users to accurately manage equipment performance and make real-time decisions.
Serial Servers and Protocol Gateways. Get Your Serial Data to Ethernet

The Phoenix Contact family of serial device servers and gateways provides a  simple way to migrate legacy serial devices and buses to modern Ethernet  networks. 

Variants are available with one, two, or four D-SUB 9 serial ports and one  or two RJ45 Ethernet ports. Startup and configuration are simple using an  embedded web server. Communication is kept secure with 256-bit AES  encryption and optional authentication. 

With a wide operating temperature range (-40 to +70°C) and hazardous-area  approvals, the devices are suitable for use in any industry. The most common  industrial protocols are supported with various combinations of RAW/ASCII  serial data, Modbus RTU, TCP/IP, Modbus TCP, and EtherNet/IP™ technology. 

New M08 Proximity Sensor Lineup Featuring Extended Sensing Ranges

Turck announces its new range of 8 mm barrel inductive proximity sensors. The technology of the ferrite core sensors has evolved, increasing the sensing range by up to 50 percent. As a result, flush mounted solutions can now be offered with an extended sensing range of 3 mm as well as with the conventional sensing range of 2 mm. The non-flush sensors are likewise available with a 3 or 5 mm sensing range.

Watch the YouTube video below. Or click here for more info.

Be sure to read Issue 19 of ABB's InControl, it contains a good article on the dangers and downfalls of do-it-yourself control panels. Contact your local Power/mation Sales Representative to see how our team can help with your next panel build project.

Expanding our ABB relationship with the ABB Force Measurement Division

Providing a comprehensive range of force measurement products designed to improve control, productivity and quality in a wide variety of processes and industries. With products to measure mechanical and geometrical variables. Dominating technologies are in the field of magnetics Pressductor® Technology and pulsed eddy current (PEC).

Why ABB Force Measurement:

  • No drift
  • No recalibration
  • Wide measurement range
  • No failures
  • High reliability

Watch the YouTube video below. More information at the ABB website.

Secure M2M Gateway with QuickPanel+ and SECOMEA - 30 Day FREE Trial

QuickPanel+ comes equipped with secure IoT remote access capabilities via preinstalled Secomea SiteManager software that simply needs to be activated. Click below to learn how you can sign up for a free trial to take advantage of secure remote connectivity.

Pendant Stations

Euchner's Pendant Stations are hand held control devices that allow tasks such as machine setup, troubleshooting and maintenance to be performed at the point of operation. Their durable, lightweight, ergonomic design provide for years of service even in harsh environments

Unidrive M: High Horsepower Drive Solutions Expanded Offerings and  Availability

Control Techniques product offerings for high horsepower AC/Servo drives has expanded to include: single drive modules from 150 hp to 400 hp, modular multi-drive configurations up to 4,200 hp, kitted modular drive(s) with power accessories up to 1,000 hp, packaged drives and custom engineered solutions.  Nidec Industrial Automation now has local frame 9 to 11 assembly capabilities and can supply Unidrive M600 to M702 model configurations for immediate high horsepower drive needs with all the necessary auxiliary power components for ratings from 150 hp to 1,000 hp heavy duty. 

Learn more by clicking here.
Power/mation conducts customer training sessions and participates in relevant trade shows on a regular basis. Check out our website to see a complete list of our upcoming schedule and to register.
  • June 21, 2017 at the Veterans Memorial Stadium in Cedar Rapids, IA
  • June 22, 2017 at the Principal Park in Des Moines, IA

Fee: $495
  • August 9-10 in St. Paul, MN

Fee: $250
  • September 13 in St. Paul, MN
  • October 4 in Pewaukee, WI

Fee: $250
  • September 13 in St. Paul, MN
  • October 5 in Pewaukee, WI
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