May 2018 Newsletter
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FL Switch 2000 

The new 2000 series managed switches provide a two-pronged approach to the continued demand for robust, high-function, economically priced managed Ethernet switches. The new FL SWITCH 2000 line bridges the gap between simple unmanaged switches and complex managed switches. The 2000 and 2100 versions provide a portfolio with an optimized range of functions for the series production of machines. The FL SWITCH LM 2200 and 2300 versions serve applications that require a broader scope of functions and industry-specific approvals. These managed switches provide a new product range for automation applications, ensuring the continued success of the “Lean Managed Switch” concept into the future. With these new 2000 series switches, customers choose the ideal port combination for their application from a wide range of variants. 

ABB's ACS880-04F – A New Addition to ABB’s Flange Mountable Drives  

In flange mounting, the drive is installed from a flange onto a cabinet wall so that the heatsink is outside the cabinet. This way, the air flow through the drive control section, and the heatsink is separated. The drive can also be installed with the heatsink in a cooling air channel. The flange and heatsink have an IP55 (NEMA 12) protection rating, which means that they are protected against dust and low-pressure water.

IO-Link Data Storage Mode is a key feature of IO-Link technology, which allows the IO-Link master to store and upload IO-Link sensor configurations. Watch Turck's YouTube video to learn all about it.
Model 15T/H - Thru-Bore or Hollow Bore

Available in thru-bore or hollow-bore, the Model 15T/H Accu-Coder™ offers a high-performance feedback solution in a low-profile package. Unlike modular or kit encoders, the Model 15T/H utilizes an integral bearing set and an innovative flexible mounting system, which are much more tolerant to axial misalignment or radial shaft runout. The slotted flex mounts provide 20 or 30 three 120° electrical phase tracks can provide up to 12 pole commutation feedback. With the optional 100° C and 120° C temperature options, servo motors can operate at higher power outputs and duty cycles.

Horner's XL+ Controller

The 15″ XL+ OCS is a high-performance all-in-one controller. This unit features an advanced integrated operator interface with a powerful control engine; featuring multiple USB & serial ports, 2 Ethernet ports and 2 CAN ports. All units feature a Video Output port, allowing a slave monitor to mirror the content of the main screen. Supports all available Horner Remote I/O systems. NEMA 4X rated.

Watch Horner's NEW Tech Tips video detailing the hardware specs.
Nexen's ZSE Brake Family

Continually testing and improving products as well as developing new technology, Nexen's contribution to the industry is now illustrated in the ZSE Zero-Backlash Through-Shaft Brake. With countless bore sizes available, Nexen offers an off-the-shelf, zero-backlash braking solution for shaft holding applications. These spring-engaged, air released brakes eliminate the performance problems associated with electrical brakes for consistent, long lasting performance.

Motor Protection

Enerdoor developed the Motor Protection series to protect motors from harmful overvoltage and dV/dt spikes generated on the output. This is particularly useful for applications with variable frequency drives and servo-motors. This series includes common mode and differential mode inductances, sine wave filters and snubbers designed to work with various frequency switches, output frequencies and applications.  

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ABB's YuMi at Our Office!

Join Power/mation and ABB's YuMi Collaborative Robot for live demonstrations and to learn how YuMi can fit in to your specific application. Lunch provided!

  • May 10, 2018 in Wood Dale, IL
  • 10AM - 2PM

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