November 2017 Newsletter
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AFS Contactors for Safety Applications

Designed for machine safety applications, AFS contactors come with fixed front contact blocks making them ideal for monitoring and controlling circuits.

  • Complying with main safety standards EN ISO 13849 and EN 62061 guaranteeing the safe use of machinery and equipment.
  • Contactors status guaranteed with permanently fixed front-mounted auxiliary contact blocks.

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New Sentry Line

ABB Jokab Safety's Sentry safety relays are easy to use safety relays, suitable for all common types of safety applications. The Sentry series contains basic models for simple applications and easy output expansion, as well as highly flexible models with extremely accurate timer functions.

Learn more about Sentry here .
WLAN & mGuard Kit

The FL mGuard and WLAN product lines already provide you industrially rated networking and remote connectivity functions as individual parts: the mGuard together with the mGuard Secure Cloud offers a simple, secure and cost effective remote connection to your machines all over the world for troubleshooting and support, additionally the mGuard RS2005 offers an integrated unmanaged 5 port switch. The WLAN 1101 with dual internal antennas can functions in Client mode for integration of industrial devices like the mGuard or entire machines into wireless networks, additionally to access point functionality for smart phone/tablet connection into equipment. Now, the convenient Wireless mGuard KIT continues to offer all the security, features and benefits of the mGuard and wireless applications with the simplicity of a single part #, where the mGuard VPN uses the WLAN 1101 as Client Mode to connect to the Internet through any wireless access point.

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Watch Turck's IO-Link TBEN Configuration Video Below!
High Precision Rack and Pinion

Apex Precision's Rack and Pinion systems can replace ball screw systems with longer travel capability without adding inertia and offer higher force capability. Linear motors can also be replaced with rack and pinion to provide lower cost and similar performance in many applications. Highly accurate systems for machine tools and measurement systems can be engineered with rack and pinion using electrical preload designs.

Euchner Now offering Safety Light Curtains

EUCHNER is expanding its industrial safety engineering product range by non-contact safety guards. The light grids and light curtains from series LCA are used for access control and for securing danger areas. They are available as multi-beam light grids (two to four beams) or as light curtains with various resolutions from 14 to 50 mm. Light grids are ideally suited for access control, while light curtains are used in particular for protecting fingers, hands, arms and body detection.

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Article 670.6 in the National Electrical Code (NEC) implements new Surge Protection provisions that effects Industrial Machinery. These implementations are not simply for economic benefit, but for public and personnel safety as well. More information can be found here on page 13.