November 2018 Newsletter
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Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costs & Improve Performance by Leveraging Remote Connectivity

Gain valuable insight into last month’s production totals, understand the revenue impact of downtime, learn of potential bottlenecks and how your equipment can automatically reorder products. You will be able to collect and view your process data and historical data trends on a custom, live dashboard.

Start seeing what's working for your business, what's not working and areas that need improvement to help guide your business decisions to ultimately improve your bottom line.

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Phoenix Contact's TC Router

The TC Router is an industrial 4G LTE mobile router approved for Verizon and AT&T, which enables high performance and high speed data links via mobile networks. The integrated firewall and Virtual Private Network (VPN) protect your application against unauthorized access.

Watch the video below and Click here to learn more about the TC Router.
Phoenix Contact's FL WLAN 5111

Upgrade your wireless access points with the new FL WLAN 511x. The new devices feature a modern WLAN wireless card and now only need two antenna connections, instead of three. It’s fully compatible with our existing 510x wireless modules.

Join us on March 4-7, 2019 in Houston, TX for ABB Customer World 2019 , where professionals in our industry come together to collaborate and learn. Contact Mandy with questions, .
ABB’s RVG200 Paperless Recorder

Is your waste water discharge under control? Are you reporting your discharge accurately to authorities? Watch this video to learn how ABB ’s paperless recorders help industry monitor effluent discharge into wastewater systems and comply with strict regulations set by regulatory bodies.
Watch this CODESYS video by Turck

CoDeSyS is a Controller Development System. The flexibility and powerful tools of this software have been a game changer in controller applications. In this tutorial, Turck uses a CODESYS ladder logic project to program a TBEN PLC to count 5 cans and then turn on an indicator light.

Watch the video below.
Nidec's Digitax HD

Digitax HD is perfect for dynamic applications where high peak torque is required. It packs a real punch from a tiny package; just over 1.5” wide. Helping you reduce your costs and maximize your space. Reduce cost with small servo drives. One servo system for all your automation needs. Minimal footprint and exceptional power density make Digitax HD one of the smallest servo drives on the market today. This means that you can build the most compact cabinets possible.

  • Drive width of only 1.6 inches (40 mm)
  • Reduce cabinet height with patented UltraFlow™ technology which dissipates heat directly outside of the cabinet
  • Install Digitax HD in a cabinet just 8 inches (200 mm) deep

Boost throughput with maximum motion control. Optimized for high-dynamic applications and with high speed control loops, Digitax HD is one of the best performing servo drives on the market today. This means maximum throughput and product quality from your machines.

  • 300% peak current performance pulse-duty overload
  • Optimized control loops for high dynamic performance
  • Up to 16 kHz switching frequency

Enerdoor's EMI-RFI Filters

Enerdoor offers solutions to customers needing an EMI-RFI filter in conjunction with single or multiple variable frequency drives (VFDs) and servo drives.

Enerdoor proposes one filter per machine instead of one filter per drive. Using a single filter per machine instead of one per drive offers the following advantages: 

  • Technical: Low leakage current; protects the entire machine instead of only the drive. 
  • Economical: Using only one filter costs less, requires less mechanical space, reduces potential quality issues due to faulty wiring, and accelerates installation time. 

Enerdoor’s combination of being an EMI-RFI filter manufacturer and decades of experience with the Enerdoor EMC mobile laboratory has allowed them to comprise a list of filters compatible with the major VFD and servo drive manufacturers of the world.

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Stay tuned for the 2019 schedule...

Stay tuned for the 2019 schedule...

Stay tuned for the 2019 schedule...


Stay tuned for the 2019 schedule...
Brook Crompton (10/1/18)
Dunkermotoren (10/1/18)
Electrocam (10/1/18)
Horner (10/1/18)
Leeson (10/1/18)
Magpowr (10/1/18)
Molex (10/1/18)
Patlite (10/1/18)
Sprecher & Schuh (10/1/18)
GE Versamax (10/3/18)
Hammond Power (10/8/18)
Sola Hevi-Duty (10/15/18)

Banner (11/1/18)
Nexen (11/1/18)
Phoenix (11/1/18)
Eaton (11/15/18)
Red Lion (12/1/18)
Nord (12/3/18)
Rittal (12/3/18)
Lovejoy (12/17/18)
Stahlin (12/17/18)

Allied Moulded (1/1/19)
Ametek (1/1/19)
Contrinex (1/1/19)
Encoder (1/1/19)
Puls (1/1/19)
Tolomatic (1/1/19)
GE Power Automation & Controls (1/7/19)
Horner Lighting (1/1/19)
Nexen (1/1/19)