October 2017 Newsletter
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New Encoders with Energy Harvesting Technology

Turck announces an expansion of its encoder offering with the release of Compact Magnetic Absolute Multiturn Encoders. Available in Analog, CANopen, and SSI output, these compact devices are ideal for OEM applications where space is limited, and where reliability and pricing are a factor. The cost-competitive nature of this product will also see it used in a wide range of general position applications.

New Supplier

NOSHOK, Inc. is a world-wide supplier of pressure, level, temperature and force measurement instrumentation, along with needle & manifold valves. NOSHOK serves major industries around the globe, including oil & gas, fluid power, power gen, general industrial, automation, chemical processing, manufacturing, water & waste water, food & beverage, marine, and many more. NOSHOK is a Total Measurement Solutions Provider, offering mechanical and electronic instrumentation that also includes pressure gauges, pressure, level & temperature transmitters, pressure & temperature switches, and bimetal thermometers as well as force measurement instrumentation.

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proNet - Networked Access & Control Devices

The proNet modules allow the features of amGardpro to become distributed IO on either an Ethernet IP or a ProfiNet network; safety information is exchanged using either the CIP Safety or the ProfiSafe protocol. The modularity of the amGardpro range can incorporate guard locking, escape release, safety key technology and basic machine control functionality into a single device which can now be connected to both of the leading industrial Ethernet networks. Learn more about the amGardpro .

Key Adapter CKS

The new CKS is a system based on transponder technology and consists of a uniquely coded key, a key adapter and a CES evaluation unit. The compact, robust design and the high degree of protection (IP67), the CKS is ideally suited for industrial use. The functional priniple of the CKS couldn't be simpler. When the key is inserted in the key adapter, the evaluation unit reads the data from the transponder and checks it for validity.

Large Packaged AC Drive Solutions

Control Techniques product offerings for Large Packaged AC drives have been enhanced with new shorter lead times for select drive packages of 150–1,000 horsepower at 460 Volts. To accomplish this, sub-assemblies of the packages are pre-built and stocked to allow for a configured NEMA-12 ventilated enclosure, drive and auxiliary components to be completely assembled and shipped in 1 to 3 days.

BLE2 Series

Oriental Motor's new BLE2 Series Brushless Motor & Drive replaces their BLE series with the all new brushless motor, a wider range of gear types with an all new speed control brushless motor drive.

60mm Busbar System

Woehner is a German manufacturer of modular power distribution, flexible busbars and fuse holders that reduce control panel wiring time, save panel space and labor costs and allow for future modifications or expansion.  The new 60mm Busba r System can accommodate 50 to 4000 amps at a system voltage of 600V (UL508). The 60mm Busbar System allows reduced wiring and space-saving controls consolidation. Woehner's products offer significant benefits by reducing control panel wiring time, reducing labor costs and saving panel space while allowing for future modifications or expansion.

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We are excited to sign on NOSHOK , a new supplier of pressure, level, temperature and force measurement instrumentation, along with needle & manifold valves.

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