October 2018 Newsletter
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Banner Engineering's Connected Data Solutions

Banner’s Connected Data Solutions software is a cloud-based platform that allows users to visualize, create alerts, store and analyze critical data collected by Banner wired and wireless sensors. The software complements their wireless product portfolio and provides customers with end-to-end IIoT solutions to solve the industrial market's most pressing problems.

Join us on March 4-7, 2019 in Houston, TX for ABB's Customer World 2019 , where professionals in our industry come together to collaborate and learn. More details coming soon. Contact Mandy with questions, mandy.huston@powermation.com .
ABB's New Small Robot IRB 1100

Aimed at increasing manufacturing productivity, IRB 1100 provides up to 35% faster cycle times and best-in-class repeatability for high quality manufacturing.  Compared to the previous generation, the IRB 1100 robot design was optimized with a 10% smaller footprint and over 20% weight reduction for space-efficient installation in diverse environments, such as electronics manufacturing factories.

Turck's IMX12-CCM Cabinet Guard

The IMX12-CCM Cabinet Guard utilizes several sensors, which detect the condition of the environment: A sensor for temperature, absolute humidity and distance. The latter detects the distance to the lid or the door and thus controls the proper closure. To detect moisture problems, the IMX12 CCM records these long-term trends and compares them with the learned good condition. Once defined limits are exceeded, a signal is provided via a potential-free contact to the control level. 

Encoder Products Company's New Heavy Duty Absolute Encoders Offer Ethercat Communications

New Model A58HE and Model A58SE are EtherCAT-ready, multi-turn absolute encoders designed for harsh factory and plant environments. They are suited to applications where fieldbus connectivity is required, and the encoder has to retain absolute position information after power-off events. The Model A58HE is a 58 mm encoder in a hollow bore construction, and the Model A58SE is a 58 mm shaft encoder available with either a clamping flange or synchro flange.

Simplex and Multiplex Pump Control

The Control Techniques Unidrive M400 Pumping Solutions are a cost effective and versatile variable speed control system for maintaining energy efficient, constant pressure in single-phase (0.33 - 50 HP) or 3-phase (0.5 - 200 HP) applications. These single-pump and multi-pump (up to 3 max) configurations have been improved with new documentation and utilize the onboard controller on the Control Techniques Unidrive M400 drives which make it easy to set up new systems.

Power/mation conducts customer training sessions and participates in relevant trade shows on a regular basis. Check out our website to see a complete list of our upcoming schedule and to register.

  • October 22, 2018 in St. Paul
  • October 22, 2018 at Carlisle Fluid Technologies in Blaine, MN
  • October 23, 2018 in Owatonna, MN

Fee : $495
  • October 10 - 11, 2018 in St. Paul

Fee : $250
  • October 31, 2018 in Pewaukee, WI

Fee : $250
  • November 1, 2018 in Pewaukee, WI

  • October 14 - 17, 2018
  • Chicago, IL

  • October 23 - 25, 2018
  • Rosemont, IL
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Electrocam (10/1/18)
Horner (10/1/18)
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Patlite (10/1/18)
Sprecher & Schuh (10/1/18)
GE Versamax (10/3/18)
Hammond Power (10/8/18)
Sola Hevi-Duty (10/15/18)
Banner (11/1/18)
Nexen (11/1/18)
Phoenix (11/1/18)

Red Lion (12/1/2018)

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